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Regarding The Holy Days


Table of Contents for Regarding The Holy Days

  1. Embracing The Gift
  2. The Salvation Day
  3. Walking in the Footsteps of The Messiah’s Passion
  4. Do This in Remembrance of Me
  5. I Am The Passover and The Lamb, The New Covenant with Men
  6. Keep The Passover
  7. Unleavened
  8. Devotion
  10. I Shall Remove My Hand and My Spirit Shall Be Withdrawn... And That Purposed from the Beginning Shall Be Done, It Shall Be Accomplished Swiftly
  11. Pentecost
  12. To Be Set Apart
  13. Atonement
  14. The Feasts of The Lord

This ends Regarding The Holy Days

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  • The Holy Days of God (Regarding the spring Holy Days of The Lord)
  • Thus Says The Lord Regarding The Holy Days
  • We Remember (Remembering The Crucifixion of The Messiah)


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