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The Unending Fountain

The Unending Fountain

6/5/11 A Vision Given to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear

[YahuShua]  Timothy, what do you see?

[Timothy]  I see, Lord! I see! I am in the temple, facing outward toward the entrance. The doors are opening and the brilliance of Your glory is flooding the room. Before me is the altar, and upon it I see a white napkin. It is being folded without hands. There is water being poured out of the air just above it. The water is beautiful and sparkling. It is being poured upon the napkin, but doesn’t seem to be reaching it... Lord, I am thirsty. May I drink from this fountain?

[YahuShua]  You may not yet drink from it. It is reserved for the bride at the time appointed.

[Timothy]  Lord, I am very thirsty.

[YahuShua]  Take the napkin in your hand. Is it not wet, My son?

[Timothy]  Yes, Lord.

[YahuShua]  From it shall you drink. Place it flat in your hand, and bring it to your lips when you thirst. Inhale deeply through your nose, then place the napkin between your lips and drink. Drink deeply, My son, for it is time.
Now place it within the pocket of your robe and take it with you, that you may also wring it out on the thirsty; share it with all you meet. For the dampness thereof shall never run dry, no matter the number of times you use it; nor will it wear thin, nor tear, nor can its surface be blemished.

[Timothy]  Thank You, Lord.

[Timothy]  Lord, I see you in front of me! I see the back of You!... YahuShua!

[YahuShua]  Follow Me.[1]

  1. Note: As He said the words, “Follow Me,” He walked into a bright light. I was moving toward Him, but I was not walking or using my legs. The vision ended, just short of the temple doors. His presence lifted, and His voice became quiet.

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