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Words To Live By: Part Two

More Words of Wisdom From The Lord, Our God and Savior

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More Words of Wisdom
From The Lord, Our God and Savior

For all those who have dedicated
Themselves to Me by means of The Truth,
Those who have recognized My words
And also do them...

Those who came to Me empty
That I might fill them up,
That they might be truly dedicated to Me...

Even as I had dedicated Myself to them also,
That we may become one...

Set apart in My glory, for My glory,
To the joy of their Father in Heaven...

Says The Lord YahuShua.

Grow wise in Me, and live according to My Word,
Even according to all these Letters I have given you,
By which I have set all these crooked paths straight.
For My every word is Scripture, My every Letter truth.

For it is written:
Man shall not live by bread alone,
But by every word that proceeds
From the mouth of God[1]...

Says The Lord.

The Only Way

Beloved children, I say this once again, so you may be saved: Come out! Come out from among them and be separate! Says The Lord. And no more touch what is unclean, and I will receive you![2]

For there is but One Way!...

YahuShua HaMashiach,
Yes, He who is called Jesus The Christ,
HE is The Only Way!...

Therefore follow close behind Him,
In His very footsteps,
And you shall surely live and not die...

Says The Lord whose dominion is everlasting
And whose authority is absolute,
The Only Lord God of Hosts, The I AM.

Wake Up

Wake up and pay attention!
Awaken out of this sleep, be shaken out
Of this slumber, and call upon My name!...

Seek out My will that you may know it;
Heed the sound of this Trumpet and prepare!...

For My Kingdom comes, and My will
Shall be done on earth as in Heaven...

Says The Lord God.

Hold Fast

Beloved, prepare your hearts
And do not abandon hope...

Though much death draws near and
The pain of death increases in every corner,
Though heavy sorrows overtake the land
And tears fill your eyes, hold fast...

Embrace Me fully and do not waver...

Says The Lord YahuShua.


I created autumn so all may
Partake of My brushstrokes,
And know I am God, and give Me glory...

For My splendor is written
In the leaves of the trees;
It is carried upon the wind,
As it moves through the tall grasses;
It soars high above on the wings of eagles,
Yet remains as near as the fragile flower at your feet...

Behold, everywhere you look,
The hand of God is clearly seen...

Says The Lord.

In The Image of God

All have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God; there is none righteous, no, not one. And for this reason YahuShua The Messiah was sent to die for all men; thereby freeing mankind from the chains which held him captive, loosing him from the bonds which bound him to the punishment of sin, which is death.

So then as The Messiah was
Crucified and died, and is risen,
So too must you crucify your life of old...

Who you were must perish,
Along with your sinful ways,
Then shall you truly be born again...

Revived and restored in The Image of God...

Says The Lord.


Blessed be the name of The One
Who is, and was, and is forevermore,
The Fosterer and Protector of those
Tossed away in bitter ignorance...

For LIFE IS, before its very conception...

Says The Lord.

A Gemstone‎‎

Like a gemstone shining in the midst of all
This darkness, easily found by the eyes of God,
So shall you be in the day you surrender your life,
The day you give up this fight and return to Me...

Says The Lord YahuShua.

No Walls‎‎

No church named of men
Is the true church - not one...

Rather each member individually,
Who believes in The Messiah and obeys
His voice, in whom His spirit dwells,
Make up the True Church of His body...

No walls, only spirit and truth...

Says The Lord.


I gave unto man woman,
From his side did I form her,
And he who was one became two;
And behold, the two became one again in marriage...

Two of one flesh, man and woman[3]...

And I saw that it was very good...

Says The Lord.


If you dispense the food of God to the hungry,
While using your own salt to salt that which
Has salt in itself, will not the food you offer
Lose its flavor and become bitter in the mouths
Of those who came looking to be fed?...

Says The Lord.

Gone From This Place

The Thief shall enter the house
And steal away all who are not tied down,
Fastened, or shackled to the house...

And all those in whom He sees of Himself
Shall surely be gone from this place!...

Says The Lord.

A Modest Answer‎‎

Saying “I don’t know” is truthful, 
Humble, a modest answer...

Yet assertions without knowledge are akin
To a lie, the seeds of pride and vanity...

Says The Lord.


Come out from among them,
And take refuge in Me...

For I am your only shelter,
Your only sanctuary from the storm...

Says The Holy One of Israel.

Bless Those Who Curse You

My children, struggle not against the principles of another, nor rebuke them with your own words, nor correct them by your own understanding. Let go of your personal notions of right and wrong, and strive to love others in spite of yourselves, and have compassion for those with whom you disagree.

Do not judge them,
Nor shun them in your heart...

Rather love those who speak against you,
Because you obey My Word...

Bless those who curse you,
And pray for those who mistreat you,
As it is written[4]...

Says The Lord.

The Only Faithful and True Witness

I have written it on tablets of stone
And within the heart of man, and within
The pages of My Book it is made plain;
Thus they are without excuse...

For I am God alone, The Righteous One...

I alone am holy, just and good;
I alone have divided right from wrong;
I alone have established
The Law and define what is sin;
Behold, I expose the darkness and bring
All hidden things into the light...

For I alone sit as Judge,
The Only Faithful and True Witness...

Says The Lord.

Created Anew

Trust in Me, and you shall be set free...

For it is the humble,
Penitent man who shall see God;
Behold, he shall look upon My face,
As I restore him in My image...

For I am the image of The Invisible God,
The perfect reflection of The Father,
The face of The Majesty from on high,
Immanu El...

Therefore open your heart to Me,
And I shall create you anew...

Says The Lord YahuShua.

Humble and Penitent

All upon the earth who have gained maturity
Have become so very poor and desolate...

For once you were wealthy,
Rich beyond words, for then you knew
The Kingdom of Heaven as a child;
Yet now you are grown, your light
Quickly fading, as the ways of this
World pull you down to the pit...

Therefore return to Me, humble and penitent;
Come to Me as a child...

For by no other means shall you pass through[5]...

Says The Lord.

The Pure of Heart

What is a child’s inheritance on earth and in Heaven, if the years of their life be few in number and they remain in their innocence? Assuredly, I say to you, they will inherit The Kingdom of Heaven, for The Father holds the pure of heart in the palm of His right hand. For like the firefly which alights upon the tall grass, so are these little ones, precious lights shining among men.

And though the little ones may suffer
At the hands of men in this world,
I tell you the truth, all arrive at
The Father’s house in a moment,
In the twinkling of an eye...

Where healing is complete
And every tear is wiped away,
The ways of the world and men forgotten...

Only love abides, as they look upon
The face of their Father forever...

Says The Lord.


Many things shall be put to rest in
The Lord’s Day, even death and the grave;
Destruction shall have no place,
And evil shall be far removed...

For as it is written:
They shall not hurt nor destroy in all
My Holy Mountain, for the earth shall be
Full of the knowledge of The Lord
As the waters cover the sea[6]...

Therefore, beloved ones, pray always
That you are counted worthy to
Enter My rest, that you may abide
In the presence of The Lord, forever...

Says The Lord.

Your Only Salvation

O most foolish and deceived generation,
Can anyone cut out their own heart and live?...

And who is able to walk alone in darkness,
Without a light to guide them?
Who shall uphold them when they stumble
Or catch them when they fall?
Who will bind up their wounds?...

O ignorant and confused generation,
Deceived peoples, The Stone which you seek
To cast off is LIFE, your only salvation!...

Says The Lord.

Your Help and Your Shield

The Mashiach is your help and your shield...

YahuShua, whom you call Jesus and Christ,
Is The Rock of your Salvation,
The One who is and was and is to come;
For The Father and The Son are One...

Therefore embrace Me in My Mercy,
And receive of Me in My Great Love...

Says The Lord God.

The Lord’s Table

The Lord’s table is a bounty...

And those who eat from My plate are
Always full, and those who drink from
My cup shall never go thirsty...

For My cup overflows,
Bearing fruit in every part of your life,
Bringing forth love and understanding...

Says The Lord YahuShua.

The Sign of The Son of Man

The heavens shall be divided,
And divided again, the glory thereof
Stretching from the earth to heaven,
And the clouds shall be rolled back like a scroll...

Behold the brilliance, O earth!
Be bowed down and weep, O sons of men!
For The One whom you pierced is about to appear![7]...

Let every eye be opened therefore,
Let all in the earth see, until the fullness
Of the revelation is made complete...

Thus that which was the beginning and the end
Shall also be the end which brings forth
The new beginning...

Says The Lord.


The water of the earth can only cleanse
That which is soiled on the skin;
By no means can it cleanse
That which is soiled in the spirit...

This is reserved for the blood of The Lamb...

Says The Lord.

Against God

That which is unnatural is universally known,
Though the men and women of this world deny it;
And that which is against God shall be purged by fire...

Even all that offends shall be destroyed
And come to a swift end...

Says The Lord.

Walk With Me

My Word is for all who truly seek Me
And long to know My ways,
Even to walk in them...

Thus My Word can only be accepted
And understood by those who have
Received the love of the Truth,
For they abide in Me and
My spirit resides within them...

For how can one who stands
Apart from Me know Me?
And how can one who teaches his
Own way walk with Me in Mine?...

Says The Lord.

The Water of Siloam

Men do not have understanding of the Scriptures in themselves. Rather it is a gift from God, received through the Holy Spirit, given to those who have placed all their trust in The Holy One, embracing Me as I truly am. Or have you never read this Scripture: The fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of The Holy One is understanding?[8]
Therefore to those who have received is all revealed, and to those who have not received is all shut away. Shall the darkness understand the light? For only those of The Light, bathed in His glory, shall see - the rest left blinded.


For until one calls on the name of
The Messiah, in sincerity and in truth,
By no means shall they receive...

For He is The One who had placed
The mud upon their eyes to heal them...

Behold, He is also The Water of Siloam
Which was sent to wash them,
That they might now see[9]...

Says The Lord.

The Perfect Reflection

Apart from Me, there is no wisdom! Apart from The Holy One, there is no life! Apart from The Vine, there are no branches!
Behold, the leaves wither and the fruit has been cast down, for the people have no favor with God. Thus every dry branch must be broken off and cast into the fire, all corrupt fruit must be left and tread down. 
For the temple of God has lost its form; its comeliness has departed, every chamber is empty. For the heart of man is void, his countenance unyielding. Thus the pride of man has become a chasm, both deep and wide.


Therefore repent, and receive of Me
As I am, and not as you would have Me be,
That you may be truly born again.

For I am the perfect reflection of The Father,
The image of The Invisible God...

I died, behold, I am risen,
And by My life are you saved;
That you might become the perfect 
Reflection of Me, The One alone 
In whom is everlasting life...

Says The Lord.

My Body, My Bride

My church has no walls,
And is called by no other name except
The name The Father has given Me...

Its members are of one mind
And one spirit, of one love,
One flock with one Shepherd...

A people set apart who keep
The Commandments of The Father
And remain faithful to The Son,
Striving always to walk in My ways...

For those who truly know Me
Dwell in Me, and I in them;
For they are Mine, even as I am theirs also...

My body, My bride...

Says The Lord YahuShua.

The Remnant

I am He who searches the hearts
And minds, I know My own;
I know whose love is steadfast,
Whose faith is unmoving...

And this is the True Church
My people long for, the remnant
Which now is and is yet to come...

For it is not found outwardly in the world,
But inwardly, in the temple of God...


The Truth

The Scriptures are not malleable;
The Commandments do not change!...

For The Truth is absolute,
Forever standing on a hill,
Bright and shining,
Immovable, unbreakable!...

The Everlasting Stone which has
Become The Head of the Corner[10],
The Great Mountain which fills the whole earth[11]...

Says The Lord.


The Word stands forever...

Immovable and everlasting,
Unchangeable, having complete
Authority over all things,
The light and the dark,
The righteous and the wicked...

Indeed, the whole universe is
Set within the confines of His will,
Giving heed to Him who created it,
Forever and ever...

Says The Lord.

Twin Daggers

My words are fire, singeing the forehead
Of the arrogant, setting the countenance
Of the prideful ablaze, twin daggers
Piercing the heart of every hearer...

Therefore hear the Word of The Lord,
And heed the call...

For it is a call to repentance, a shout
And a witness, a proclamation of Truth...

A trumpet of alarm and war, a declaration
Of judgment, a strong rebuke...

Says The Lord.


The reign of evil shall be abolished,
The wicked stricken and the evil of heart
Blotted out, extinguished in the
Lake of My burning heart...

For My heart is set ablaze in My anger,
And My countenance burns like a raging fire;
My sadness is infinite, the weight of
Unending sorrow covers Me...

For as I live, says The Lord, I take no
Pleasure in the destruction of the wicked...

But call all in the earth to repent,
To turn from their evil ways
And return to Me...

Says The Lord.

Every Heart Laid Bare

One Commandment broken are all Commandments broken. One sin committed in The Messiah’s name are all sins accounted to you. One sin repented in His name, all are forgiven you. For I know your thoughts, My children, even your innermost intentions, and I know whether or not you are fully converted in your hearts. 
And though you may lie to yourselves, and bear false witness in the sight of many witnesses, nothing is hidden from the eyes of God - every lie exposed, every heart laid bare, in the Day I rise up and judge the earth.


Come to Me, therefore, in sincerity and in truth;
Humble yourselves in The Messiah’s name...

For He is The True Light, utterly void of darkness,
The Only Way to follow, The Truth Absolute;
By Him alone shall you walk into everlasting life...

For only those who walk in Him shall find Me,
And only those in union with Him shall know Me...

Says The Lord.

The Only True Religion

I am The Way, The Truth, and The Life...

And this is pure, undefiled love,
The only means by which The Law
Of The Father may be fulfilled:
You shall love The Lord your God
With all your heart, with all your mind,
With all your soul and with all your strength;
And yes, beloved, you shall love
Your neighbor as yourself...

For this is to walk in Me, this is to abide in Me,
The only true religion in which is life...

Says The Lord YahuShua.

True Faith

True faith has a name,
And true religion yields fruit of the same...

A Bride who obeys the voice of her
Husband and walks in His ways,
A people worthy to be called by His name...

Says The Lord.

Regain the Line

Beloved, turn aside and come to Me.

Regain the line and together we shall walk,
Choosing the good and refusing the evil,
Until you also have forgotten your sin.

Behold, it is separated from you
As far as the east is from the west...

Says The Lord YahuShua.

Worthless Images

Do not put your trust in idols, nor in any man-made image forged of stone or marble, or of wood or brass, gold or of fine metal; there is no life in it! For they can not speak or walk; they have no power at all.
Yea, men bear them upon their shoulders, for they can not move from their places. They have no strength, they are helpless, worthless images carved in futility and must be borne.


Look how easily they are toppled
By the wind and broken in pieces,
When the earth is shaken but a little...

Says The Lord.

Impotent Leaders

Do not put your trust in any man,
Though he speaks with a clever tongue,
With many enticing words of unity
And peace, and many great promises...

And though others bow down to him
And give him glory, you shall not
Place your trust in any man...

For man is but flesh...

Easily crushed beneath the weight
Of a single branch falling from a tree...

Says The Lord.

The Prince of Peace

YahuShua HaMashiach
Is The Fulfillment of all things,
The Truth and Understanding you seek,
The Meaning of Life...

HE is The Bread which came down
From Heaven to feed those who hunger,
The Fountain of Living Waters for those
Who thirst, The Prince of Peace...

The ONLY Way, The ONLY Truth,
The ONLY Life...

Says The Lord God.

The Goal

The spirit of The Law is shown
In The Messiah’s vesture, He being the
Same One who taught you The Law anew,
By His example and by His every word and deed...

For The Law is fulfilled in The Messiah;
Indeed, He is the goal at which the Torah aims[12]...

Says The Lord God.

Life Without End

My mercy endures forever...

And those who receive of My Mercy
Shall likewise endure, forever...

Says The Lord.


The works of men are evil, even from their youth...

Thus the little children shall be
My inheritance, and the babes My jewels...

For the innocent come forth as lights shining
Out of darkness, gifts born from the womb;
They are precious; to be cherished
Is every child in their youth...

For the innocent are of more value
Than gold and silver, prized
Above precious stones...

Says The Lord.


Give heed to My words and understand. For as I had spoken to My friends in times past, so now do I also speak to you. For the time has come and is coming and is already here, when all signs and wonders shall be made manifest, when all prophecy shall be fulfilled.
Rejoice, for your redemption draws near! And though the time of great sorrows has come in, hold fast, for these days shall be shortened... No more pain, no more tears, no more death, all sorrows passing away, rebirth, a time of refreshing which shall never end.

Therefore, remember My words and have peace:

One God...

One Son, The Only Way to The Father...

One Truth, One Word, One Messiah, One Spirit;
One Food, One Bread and One Drink...

One Body...

Of which I am all,
The All in All...

Says The Lord.

Take Your Fill‎‎

Come and drink fully of that which is sweet;
Come and drink also of that which you perceive
To be bitter and very hard to swallow...

Ingest it fully...

For it too shall become sweet
When understanding comes...

Says The Lord.

More Than the Asking

Repentance is more than the asking...

It must come from a deep desire to be
Set free in My love, followed by a sincere
Unyielding commitment to make your
Love perfect through obedience...

The shedding of the skin
Of this world, the crucifying
Of your old man with his sinful ways...

The putting on of the new man
Who is renewed in the knowledge
Of The Holy One, conforming to the
Image of Him who created him...

Says The Lord.

Lead by Example

Strive to walk as I walked, and they will see,
For every veil is lifted in Me...

Be steadfast and forthcoming;
Make honesty your companion
And integrity your close friend...

Lead by example, with quiet boldness
And steadfast trust, and they will begin to see...

Says The Lord.

A Shining Example

To abide in the doctrine of The Messiah
Is not mere proclamation or belief...

To abide in His doctrine is to LIVE by His words,
A shining example of righteousness,
Striving always to make your love
Perfect through obedience...

That those close to you, even to the passerby,
May see your good works and glorify
Your Father in Heaven...

For it is written:
One does not live on bread and
Water alone, but by every word that
Comes from the mouth of God[13]...

So then do not just give voice and preach,
But ABIDE in the doctrine of The Messiah...

By example shall you lead them...

Says The Lord.

Let The Law Be Written in Your Heart

I am the fulfillment of The Law,
The very goal at which the Torah aims...

Thus all those who embrace Me
Are freed from the curse of The Law,
But by no means are they now free
To forsake The Law...

Rather let The Law be written in your heart...

For now you are under grace,
And by the power of My own spirit
Are you now able to keep The Law...

Says The Lord YahuShua.

First Partakers

God is just in everything...

And if The Father’s justice is not partial,
Then it shall surely come to pass in these
Latter days, that those who have
Placed themselves first shall be last...

And those who were seen as last
Shall be first partakers of The Glory...

Says The Lord.

Be Born Again‎‎

Repent in sincerity and in truth...

Return to your First Love,
Walk in the first works;
Embrace The Word of God anew,
Bringing forth works worthy of repentance...

That you may truly be born again...

Says The Lord.

A Continual Washing

I tell you a mystery: It has been appointed to those who are born twice to die once, but by no means shall they die a second time. Yet those who do not come to Me in repentance shall be born once and die twice. Yet there are some among this generation who shall never taste death, having already passed from judgment into life.
Thus to My chosen elect, there is a death of the body unto resurrection. Yet for those still living at My return, there is a death of another kind - the crucifying of your old man with his sinful ways, the putting on of the new man who is renewed in the knowledge of the Truth, restored in the image of Him who created him.
Thus when one is born into this world, the child and the mother suffer the pangs of childbirth, until the birth is complete. In the same way, those born of the Spirit shall suffer travail. For they are not yet separated from their flesh or this world, in which they continually stumble.


So then, being born again is the process
By which you are restored in the image of God,
A continual washing, until you come into glory...

Says The Lord.


As a babe is born naked and wrapped in soft linens,
So also shall My people be reborn -
Naked, void of the things of this world,
Clothed in fine linens of white...

Behold, the corruptible has put on incorruption,
And the mortal, immortality, as it is written[14]...

Says The Lord.

The Perfect Lamb

I carried the weight of the world’s sin to the cross,
And crucified sin through My suffering -
The penalty of sin abolished as I fell asleep,
The Victory established for all time upon My rising...

For I am and will always be The Perfect Lamb,
Without spot or blemish, given up for many...

The Restoration of All Things...

Says The Lord YahuShua.

One Source

That which glorifies Me can have only one source...

And that which denies My sacrifice, as though it
Were not enough, steals from My glory,
And this also has one source...

Says The Lord.

I Shall Not Lose One‎‎

I forgive all who return to Me...

Even the one in ninety-nine who goes astray;
Even the one among twelve who betrays Me...

For I am The Lord...

And of all those The Father
Has given Me, I shall not lose one...

Says The Lord YahuShua.

Fear Not

Beloved, I know when each will come to Me, I know every trial and tribulation. Therefore, call on My name in this time of darkness, in this time of great calamity and fear. Hold fast through all these tears, endure in these times of trouble. 

Fear not, for I have overcome the world;
I hold the keys of death and Sheol,
And The Book of Life is held
Securely in My right hand...

No one can steal you from My love;
No one can pluck you from My hand;
No one can break off what I have grafted in...

For I know you as you are and as you will be,
With Me where I am...

Says The Lord YahuShua.

True Wisdom

True wisdom is not of man, nor is it found in the earth, but from above - heavenly, holy. For that created was created according to the wisdom of Him who created it and by whom all things consist, knowing their form from the beginning.
Therefore the fear of The Lord is indeed the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of The Holy One is understanding, as it is written.[15] For apart from Me there is no knowledge, apart from Me all understanding passes away. For I AM HE, The Only Fountain from which flows all wisdom and knowledge, The Source of all things.


So then all who receive of Me grow wise,
Receiving of that which is pure,
Learning to walk in that which is eternal...

As one being led along a mountain stream
Of living waters, filled with a fervent
Desire to seek out its source...

Drinking from it along the way,
Gaining strength in weakness,
Leaving all behind in their holy pursuit...

Says The Lord.

The Only Truth

I AM...

And you are in life because of Me...

And all that is, even all these worlds
To every star you see in the heavens,
Was made according to the wisdom
Of The Father, brought forth and established
Through The Son, by whom all things consist...

For I AM, and have always been,
The Way and The Life, The Salvation of God,
The Only Truth from which all understanding flows...



One who truly loves Me speaks about Me,
And remains faithful at all times and in every season;
And one who places Me above all else has shown their
Loved ones who is first, and what faithfulness truly is...

For there is no true love apart from Me;
Nor can one remain faithful unless
They have received of Me...

Therefore to speak of Me in the
Company of others is to love them...

And to deny Me in the company of others
Is to hate them, whereby you have also
Revealed that your comfort is of more
Importance than The Truth, and keeping
The peace more important than their lives...

Says The Lord YahuShua.

Patience and Faith‎‎

What is the knowledge of man? Is it not a stone of stumbling? And the pride of man, a rock of offense? How then shall the blind see or the deaf hear, unless I heal them? Or how shall one grab hold of the line, unless it is first placed within their reach?

Yet My servants are wise...

They fear The Lord, and wait upon Me
With all patience and faith, doubting nothing,
Humble servants who study My Word, knowing
I am The Author and The Finisher thereof...

When they wake and when they lie down, I am there...

I am their life, and they are My joy...

Says The Lord.


When My servants come to an impasse in My Word, according to their own understanding, what is their reaction? They continue on, without hindrance or doubt.
For their relationship with The Author is intimate, their trust without reservation. Thus they remain at peace, and wait upon The Lord for the light of understanding, knowing in their heart every word is true, ready to receive the spirit of the Word, stumbling not over its letter.
And until My people are established firmly upon this premise, they will remain daunted, striving to see but never fully understanding, straining to hear but remaining dull of hearing.


Thus for My wise and faithful servants,
All barriers are removed...

For their peace is in the knowing,
I AM WHO I AM, though they yet
Stand at the beginning, unable to see the end...

An heir of all I will reveal to them
When the fullness of time has come in...

Says The Lord.

Be Joined Unto Me

I have called My people out, that they might
Come out from among them and be separate...

A people set apart for My name,
A people who keep The Commandments
And cease not from testifying to My glory,
A people of pure and undefiled faith...

A people joined unto ME...

Says The Lord YahuShua.

The Watchmen

Consider the squirrel and its ways...

Does it not live among the trees,
Running up and down with ease,
Leaping from branch to branch with skill and grace,
Perfectly designed for its abode and purpose?...

So shall My watchmen be in the Day of The Lord...

Prepared, according to their task;
Established, according to the Word of My mouth;
Filled, according to their service;
Remade, according to My purpose...


A Wise and Faithful Servant

Who is a wise and faithful servant?...

Is he not one who receives the blessings
Of his Father without constraint, one who
Embraces My speech, whether soft or hard,
Even of that which I have spoken to another?...

A servant such as this is wise indeed...

For he knows that every good gift
And every perfect gift is from above,
And comes down from The Father of Lights,
With whom there is no variation or
Shadow of turning, as it is written[16]...

Says The Lord.


What is a son who is mindful of his father’s ways, who pays close attention to his every word? Or a servant, who seeks only to serve his master? Or a faithful bride, who seeks always to please her husband in all her ways, whether he is near or far, in her presence or soon returning?

Beloved ones, be mindful of
These things and grow in wisdom,
Abide in trust and do not waver;
Be at peace...

For I am indeed coming quickly,
And My reward is with Me...

Says The Lord.

Fixed Upon The Goal

Those who I have called out of a place
Shall in no wise return to it,
Nor shall they look back...

They shall continue on toward safety,
With their eyes fixed upon The Goal,
Walking always in line with the Spirit...

Praying without ceasing,
Giving heed to My leading,
Listening for My voice...

Says The Lord.


Only those who seek that which is first,
Who fill themselves up with that which
Is most needful, will finish the day
With strength enough to face tomorrow...

Therefore seek Me out at every opportunity,
Whether for a moment or for the hour,
That you may be renewed in My presence...

Looking always to The Blessed Hope,
Having tasted of it while in waiting...

Says The Lord.

History Has an End

I AM COME[17]...

The One who was has come;
The One who is, is come;
The One who is to come is coming
Quickly to fulfill and complete...


And His name is The Great I AM,
The Holy One of Israel!...


Immanu El!

I Am Enough

Beloved ones, you worry, yet I AM HE;
You weep, yet I AM HE;
You stumble, yet I AM HE;
Your hearts tear and break over
All these sorrows, yet I AM HE...

You struggle and are in turmoil,
You feel lost, yet I AM HE;
You grasp at the wind and have
No understanding, yet I AM HE...

You are persecuted by those
You love, yet I AM HE;
The world hates you, yet I AM HE;
Everything you have is passing away, yet I AM HE;
Death comes to take you into darkness, yet I AM HE!...

Do you not understand?! I AM ENOUGH!
The One who sees, The One who knows!
No matter the time or the season,
In every moment of your life, I AM HE!...

Says The Lord YahuShua.


Beloved, it is time to choose,
To make your decision...

It is time to bring your
Heart forward, and be healed,
To make your repentance full[18]...

It is time to fall into Me unreservedly;
Or to depart, and walk through dry places...

Says The Lord.

Gifts of the Spirit‎‎

I call My servants out from among them,
I appoint every office, and I Myself
Number their steps before them...

For My gifts are given through the Spirit,
And must also be received in Me...

They are in no wise open to claim,
Nor shall anyone on earth assign them...

For only those in union with
The Messiah are able to walk in them...

Says The Lord.

In Due Season

I have a great vineyard, with many grapes. I have provided both the early and latter rain and tended every vine, pruning them with sure hands and delicate fingers. Yet many wither, while others fail to produce, and still others are slow to ripen.
I have waited patiently and tended My vineyard, doing all that was necessary to produce a fair crop, and now it is time for harvest. Yet I tell you plainly, it shall be a very lowly crop, a very small harvest, for few have ripened to maturity. Thus they must be left to ripen in their season.


And though the winds shall be harsh
And the rains rare, behold, even all
Manner of plagues shall come,
I must not gather them
Until their due season...

Says The Lord.


One who treads the path, going up
And down, stepping on and off at
Their convenience, treads not the path,
But is like one who treads water...

By no means shall they be able
To keep their head above water,
Nor shall their strength deliver
Them in the Day of Troubles...

Says The Lord.


Behold, the day and hour is close at hand,
Yea it is very near, when the dead in Messiah
Shall arise and the sleepers shall awake,
When the rotting corpses are revived
And the dust gathers together once again...

From one end of the earth to the other,
Even from the deepest depths, shall My
People rise up and give Me glory...

Therefore let the children of Israel prepare,
Let everyone joined to Messiah step forward
And claim their inheritance...

For I have but to call out your name...

Says The Holy One of Israel.

The Gathering Up

Behold, the Glory of God breaks through
The clouds, a mighty trumpet blast
Sounds in all the earth!...

From the heights of the mountains
To the deepest depths, life bursts forth
In the bodies of the dead!...

Behold, a loud voice is heard from Heaven:

Says The Lord.

In the Arms of The King

There is a place...

A place beyond space and time, where eternity dwells and life has no end, where light takes its form and goodness is revealed, where the eyes of the redeemed may look upon the Glory of God and see His face, where Heaven meets the earth and The Eternal dwells with men...
A place where Everlasting Love can be embraced and healing flows like a gentle stream, a place where time has no meaning and the stars flee away, where the brightness is excellent and the warmth thereof very soothing...
A place where joy comes by knowledge with pure understanding, where fulfillment comes by a strong embrace, and love’s completion is met with great satisfaction through many tears flowing down the cheeks of the forever young; a place where understanding bursts forth in realization, revelation beyond words!...


A place where the hearts of the chosen are revealed,
Behold, they are uncovered, revealing their true form;
The image in which I created them, restored...

A simple quiet place, set apart...

In the arms of The King.

The Creator

When I consider, all creation is before Me;
From the most minute detail to the greatest,
Nothing is hidden from My eyes...

Behold, the whole universe abides
Within My understanding...

For I am LORD and GOD,
Creator of Heaven and Earth.

The True Bride

The Bride is chosen...

My blood runs through her veins,
My image is shown upon her face...

Behold, the light of My coming is reflected
In her eyes, for I have captured her gaze,
And she will by no means look away
Or seek after another...

Says The Lord.

Heed My Words

Beloved ones, wait upon Me, with all trust and fear; stand steadfast and be patient. Accept My words, as I have spoken them and as they are written. Do not add to My words, nor take from them; neither form for yourselves any private interpretation. Only give heed to My words and also do them, and prepare.

For My words are indeed that light which
Shines in a dark place, a lamp and a beacon,
Preparing My way before Me...

Until the new day dawns and
The Morning Star rises, filling the hearts
Of My chosen as they enter in...

Says The Lord.

Followers of The Way

When those who call of
Themselves Christian, ask you,
“To which church do you belong?”...

You shall answer them:
“I belong to no church named of men.
I belong to The Lord, YahuShua HaMashiach,
Whom you call Jesus and Christ.
And together with all those who
Remain in His love[19] and obey His voice[20]
Is The Church in which I dwell”...

Says The Lord.

True Baptism

Let My beloved first be baptized
In spirit and in truth, filled
With the knowledge of The Holy,
Nourished by the Word of Truth...

Let them come to Me in sincere
Repentance, and receive forgiveness
Of sins in The Messiah’s name...

All burdens lifted, immersed
And purified in the Spirit of God...

For The Holy One of Israel is
He who baptizes with the Holy Spirit
And with fire, and He knows His own...

Says The Lord.

The Beginning of Wisdom

Come together and reason, O sons of men. Look upon the works of My hands, and see with new eyes and restored vision, that you may behold the Truth.
For all the works of man are here for but a moment, then quickly pass away. And that which remains, shall it not become fuel for the fire in the Day of The Lord’s Anger? And the knowledge of man, is it not foolishness in My eyes, coming to nothing before the light of My Glory?


Therefore fear The Lord your God,
And accept the truth of who I am...

For the fear of The Lord is the beginning
Of wisdom, and the knowledge
Of The Holy One is understanding[21]...

For I am God alone.

Remember the Sabbath

Those who remember the Sabbath honor Me, and those who rest on the Sabbath rest in Me, as they look to the Day. For I had set the seventh day apart, and sanctified it, from the beginning.[22] Thus it has been a sign between Me and My people, even to this day, and so shall it remain forever.
For as I spoke to the children of Israel, saying, “Surely My Sabbaths you shall keep, for it is a sign between Me and you throughout your generations, that you may know that I am The Lord who sanctifies you,”[23] so also do I speak to you, even to all who are grafted in.


For those who obey My Commandments
Remain in My love[24], and those who remember
My Sabbaths keep My company,
For The Holy One of Israel
Dwells in the midst of them...

For I long for My children to be with Me
Where I am, I am eager to return them
To the Garden, that we may once again
Walk together in the cool of the day.


Therefore remember the Sabbath, and I shall remember you. Bless the Sabbath, and I shall bless you. Love one another, as I have loved you.
Put away your works, look not to the cares of this world, and let go of your worries on the Sabbath day; spare yourselves the weight of all these troubles for just one day.


Let all your thoughts dwell upon
Your God and Savior, and consider;
Yea, let your mind be filled with wonder
And awe over the works of My hands...

For even The Lord your God,
Creator of Heaven and Earth,
Rested on the seventh day[25]...

Says The Lord.

Prepare and Watch

I am indeed coming down to shake the heavens and the earth, to move all from its place; to bring forth that which was hidden and to reveal that which was misplaced[26]; to open that which was shut and to shut that which was opened.
Therefore prepare, My people, for the time has come; yes, today is the day of salvation! Go forth, beloved ones, and set all these crooked paths straight; regain the line, prepare and watch. For the leaves of the fig tree are upon its branches; summer is near![27]


Again I say, watch!...

For The One who ascended
Is about to descend...

And lo, I am come, in the Volume
Of the Book it is written of Me,
To accomplish The Father’s will[28]...

Says The Lord.

The First Harvest

It is written, all shall lie down in death[29][30]...

Yet there is a people who shall not sleep,
Nor shall they lie down in death -
A people who shall be awake at My coming,
A people who have received of the divine gift,
A people who know Me and in whom I am known,
For I see of Myself within them.

They shall be lifted up, not preceding
Those who have fallen asleep in Messiah;
This is the first harvest and resurrection.

For there is but One Way, One Truth, and One Life;
From the beginning, there is but One...

I AM HE...

Says The Lord YahuShua.

To All Those Who Call of Themselves Christian

Listen closely
And take My words to heart,
All you who call of yourselves Christian:
I ask you, do you really love Me?...

Then follow Me...

Beloved ones, listen closely
And take My words to heart,
All you who call of yourselves Christian:
Do you really love Me?...

Then obey My Word! Follow Me!...

Beloved, listen closely
And take My words to heart,
All you who call of yourselves Christian:
Do you really love Me?!...

Then heed My voice and come out!

Says The Lord YahuShua.

Bear Fruit

Beloved, bear fruit after the kind I have given you, in open and in secret. For what profit is there in sharing with another that which they believe they already have? And how shall one who pushes out the hand receive a gift?

Therefore, turn aside from those who
Push out the hand and wag the head...

Rather seek out the poor, that I may feed them...

Fill the bowls of the hungry, and place
The cup in the hands of the thirsty;
Give them your portion...

For My bounty is plentiful,
Given freely to all who hunger
And thirst for righteousness...

Says The Lord.

The Spirit of God

Beloved ones, pray to your Father in Heaven, in The Son’s name, and through the Spirit we shall be one. For all My servants move, speak and hear Me through My spirit, and only through The Son shall My children come to know Me as I truly am... And oh how blessed are those who know Him, for they love Him and obey His voice, having truly received of Him, even of His spirit, the Spirit of God.

Indeed holy, holy, holy
Is The Lord God Almighty...

One God, invisible and visible,
The Father and The Son;
And the Spirit called Holy,
Because I am holy...

Says The Lord.

It Is Time‎‎

Behold, the time has come for My name to resound in all the earth, for all who dwell upon the earth to be humbled, to be broken without hand. Indeed, now is the time for all who have ears to hear, to hear and give heed; and for those who refuse, to forbear and rebel against Me.

It is time for My servants to stand up,
To receive My words and also do them;
It is time to blow the trumpet, to sound the alarm...

It is time for My spirit to be poured out,
For the hand of The Almighty to stir up
The multitudes, for The Word of God
To separate and divide the people...

It is time for My watchmen to proclaim
The acceptable year of The Lord and the
Day of Vengeance of The Lord their God...

For the ears of the first election are open,
And within My prophets I have placed
My voice, once again; I have surely
Put My words in their mouths...

For I am The Lord, and I do not change.

The Spirit of the Word

Do not judge according to human standards, nor by that which is put forth by men as doctrine, for they are greatly misled. Rather study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth.[31] For discernment with fear is righteousness.

Therefore, beloved, remember:
The spirit of the Word, and not the letter,
Is the way, the truth and the life...

For The Messiah is indeed coming quickly,
To baptize all in fire and glory...

Those of a wicked heart, in fire...

And those of the Spirit,
In glory, forever and ever!...

Says The Lord.


Behold, My people are afflicted,
And My faithful ones are persecuted,
Imprisoned and put to death!
My little ones are brought to harm,
And the innocent are murdered in droves,

Therefore the afflicted shall be
Given wealth beyond imagining,
And the meek shall inherit the earth;
The little ones shall be taken,
And the innocent shall return home...

And they shall be My sons and daughters,
Forever, life without end...

Says The Lord.



And all who believe in Me shall not die, but live,
For I shall raise them up at the Last Day!...

No more tears, no more death, no more pain,
For the old order of things has passed away;
All things restored in glory, the glory of everlasting life!...


Says The Holy One of Israel.

Call Upon The Name

The wicked shall surely fall by the word of their own mouth, and by their works shall they stumble into the pit; behold, by their every word and deed have they condemned themselves to death.

Yet if these same ones turn from their
Iniquity, and call upon Me in the name
Of The Messiah, they shall live and not die;
They shall surely be delivered!...

For they have called upon The Name,
The only name under Heaven
By which you must be saved...

For He is called Jesus and Christ...

Both Lord and Savior of men...


All Shall Be Fulfilled

As I have commanded it, so shall it be done. As I have spoken it, so shall it come to pass. As I have purposed it, so shall it be accomplished. For My glory, all shall be fulfilled.
Thus that which I have spoken by My prophets shall surely be. And though they stumble, they shall by no means fall, for they do continually humble themselves before Me.


Therefore, blessed is the man who comes
To Me ashamed of his trespasses, whose heart
Is full of grief on account of his sins,
For I am faithful to forgive his sins...

Indeed I shall lift him up,
And set his feet upon hallowed ground...

Says The Lord.

Daily Bread

Understand the Word of My mouth and that which is set before you, even upon each of your plates: I have bore you, even twice have you come forth - First by water and blood in the flesh, and a second time in the Spirit, yea even a third time when you shall come into glory.
And behold, that which is first sown in your hearts is The Living Word. And that which grows from Me bears fruit, according to the food and drink I provide, the written Word. Therefore both are necessary, yet one must be first.


Yet understand this:
One who is awakened can not remain so,
Unless they receive of Me and also
Eat of that which I provide...

Therefore abide in Me,
And partake daily of My supper...

Says The Lord.

True Knowledge

Who among you has committed no murder, whether in heart or in action? Who among you has committed no adultery, whether in heart or in action? Who among you, O peoples of the earth, has committed no sin?!
Behold, all have fallen short of the Glory of God, all have failed utterly in their attempts to gain righteousness; even the works of the most righteous among you are but filthy rags before Me. And for this reason did I come into the world, manifest in the flesh, to bear the full weight of the sin of this world - Immanu El.


Therefore get wisdom, get understanding,
And seek My face in sincerity and in truth...

Humble yourselves,
That you may receive true knowledge,
That you may come to know Me as I truly am...

Says The Lord.

One Fold

Where does a shepherd spend his time, and which of his sheep require the most attention? Therefore pray in like manner. For indeed the ill of the flock require the most attention, and the one in ninety-nine who has gone astray shall by no means be forsaken.
And though there are many who stand inside locked gates, while you stand outside, do you not remain all of one fold? And when I have freed them, will you not all rejoice together? Therefore treat them as such, and pray for them, even double, and it shall be well with you. For those who arrive last shall be embraced by those who had arrived first.


Therefore let your heart remember,
As you look to the day...

Says The Lord.


Hear and understand the loving mercies of God fulfilled in Me, even of those bitter tears which I have shed over all these who deny Me, over all these who betray Me by all they say and do: Beloved, in My anger I have indeed cast them out, appointing others to run in their stead. Yet I tell you the truth, though they now abide as one sitting along the wayside, they are in no wise broken off. For our bond is love, and any bond forged in My love can never be broken.

Behold, even amongst My flock
Have I received many kisses
After the kind of My son, Judas...

Yet I tell you the truth, I have
Never lost one who is Mine;
I am in love with My own...

And though their thoughts betray
Them, having given heed to many lies
And deceptions from within and without,
I know My own, and I will never turn
Away anyone who returns to Me...

Says The Lord.


My sons and daughters, from the beginning, I AM WHO I AM and shall be. Even to the end, I AM HE. From everlasting to everlasting, I AM. In this shall you find rest and know peace, says The Lord.
Therefore no longer bind yourselves to what you see, nor concern yourselves with the things of this world and its evil ways. Free yourselves by the knowledge I have given you, by the understanding that I AM WHO I AM, freedom in the knowing I AM HE.


Beloved ones, I have defeated the world,
I have overcome your sins;
Death is put to death because of Me...

Behold, I am risen, death is turned backward...

Only life is and shall be...

Says The Lord.


Beloved, there is but One Refuge,
Only One Way to be found...

In Mashiach ONLY shall you find
Refuge from all these troubles;
Through Him ONLY have I opened The Way...

Therefore, My people, call upon the name
Of The Lord in your darkest hour!...

For it is time for the name of mercy
And pure righteousness to be glorified!
It is time for God’s Salvation to be revealed
To the first election, for the supplications
Of His people to be fulfilled to the fullest!...


Says The Lord.

The Power of My Love

How long shall the multitudes swear by things made, and place their trust in the works of man?! For the desolate know not the things of God, nor is darkness able to understand; yea, the wicked gnash upon their teeth, the whole body convulses in the wake of mourning, for there is no rest.

Yet My hand caresses the cheeks of the hopeless,
As we watch the dawning of the day together...

For the strength of My arm uplifts the downtrodden,
My strong embrace heals the sorrowful,
Every beat of My heart revives the dead,
And the sound of My voice frees every captive...

Behold, the power of My love hides them away!...

Says The Lord.

The Will of God

Nothing, nothing in all creation,
Can usurp the will of The Most High God!
Nor shall any run out ahead of Me...

MY will shall be done on earth as it is in Heaven...

For it is purposed and can not be moved,
Having been written in everlasting stone
From the very foundation of the world...


Made For The Son

You are and were created in fragile flesh,
Beautifully crafted by the hand of your Father,
Having been made alive in The Son...

In His image you are and were created,
In love I created you, placing you
In the garden to My own joy...

My own beloved who have received of My breath...

Created by The Father, made for The Son...

Says The Lord.

Across All Boundaries

That atoned for by My blood
Is far-reaching, even across all boundaries,
Life and death, time and space...

For even those before Me were after Me,
And knew The Father, who knowing Him
Knew and saw the time of My coming,
Having repented before The Father
In His name, which is also My name,
The name We shared before the world was made...

Thus by the heart is one judged,
Of which I know, for nothing is hidden before Me;
I made you and know you, having always known you;
Even those who will yet come to Me, I see and know...

For I see you as you are and will be,
With Me where I am...

Says The Lord YahuShua.

The Way Is Provided

Come now and share in My joy,
Abide in My love, enter into My rest...

For The Way is provided, The Lamb sacrificed,
My own beating heart stilled in death,
My own blood poured out
So you may return to Me...

The curtain is torn; the way is open!
Approach and draw near to Me; hear Me calling!...

For The Ladder of Heaven is joined to earth,
Glorified and named above all names!...

Says The Lord.

The Tame of My Flock

All who truly receive of Me know Me, and I live in them. And if I live in them, then in no wise will these turn away. For one who abides in My love shall never leave it.
For they have tasted of the divine gift and have looked upon My glory. They will not depart from Me, but rest securely at My right hand. These are My sheep, the tame of My flock. They call out and I do hear them, even as I had called to them and they did hear.


All My sheep hear My voice
And know the sound of My voice,
And seek to follow Me wheresoever I lead them...

Says The Lord YahuShua.

For My Own Name’s Sake

Behold, My own people go the way
Of the ungodly, following after those void
Of the Spirit, married to this world!...

Yet I shall save them out of all their troubles;
For My own name’s sake will I do it...

For the sake of Judah, I shall cover them;
For the sake of Jacob, I shall hold them in safety;
And for the sake of David, My servant, I shall
Shelter them under the shadow of My wings...

Says The Lord.

Keeping The Law

Say no more, “Grace versus The Law.”
Say rather, “Grace AND The Law”...

For Grace is the fulfillment of The Law;
And where there is an absence of grace,
There is lawlessness...

Therefore, keeping The Law
Is a reflection of My own spirit in you...

And oh how blessed are those who have
Received of Grace, and seek to please The Father
By obeying His Law, and teach men so...

Grace AND The Law...

Says The Lord.

Nothing Is Hidden Before Me

Nothing exists outside of Me, says The Lord; neither does anything continue outside My will. For even the evil of this present world is set within the confines of My will. For evil acts and brings forth of its own, yet is unaware that nothing is hidden before Me; neither has anything come to pass, nor will be, that I have not already beheld. And this, O arrogant and deceived generation, is why I said, “All was written and completed, even before the foundation of the world.”

For I am God, THE GOD!
The God of Abraham, The God of Isaac,
The God of Jacob, The God of all!...

Even of all that is known and unknown,
The Creator of all things...

The Everlasting, who is from
Everlasting to everlasting...


Not By Human Means

What I have prepared can not be seen
With the eyes, nor can it be attained
By human means or mere proclamation...

Yet within the hearts of My own
It is clearly seen, and upon the lips
Of My bride the testimony is clearly heard...

For that which has entered into the hearts
Of the chosen shall soon be realized,
And that which has entered into the hearts
Of the wicked shall return upon their own heads...

For hate brings forth suffering and violence...

Yet the love of The Messiah brings salvation,
Escape under the shadow of His healing wings!...

Says The Lord.

According to the Number

I am The Lord...

And though I bruise, I will surely heal;
And though I pour out strong judgment,
I will also show mercy...

For all appointed to captivity shall go into captivity,
Yet I will deliver them, even all who call on the
Name of The Lord in that day...

And though many will be brought low,
Even down to the depths of darkness and despair,
Behold, from the depths I shall raise
Them up, even high above the heavens;
Even from the ashes shall I bring them forth,
And they shall give Me perfect praise in the
Tabernacle of My glory!...

And so it is fulfilled, and shall also come to pass:
The first shall be last, and the last
Shall be first partakers of the glory;
Yet all will be saved according
To the number The Lord shall call...

Says The Lord.

The Bride

The true bride is chosen;
She has been called out and shall be lifted up!...

Behold, I will come for her and she will be taken,
Caught up to My Father’s house for one week
In The Lord, and we shall be together forever...

All tears wiped away...

Even every tear she shed on the behalf of others;
Every tear she shed for the afflicted and the unborn;
Every tear she shed over all this evil,
On account of all this oppression and death...

Even every tear she shed in repentance,
In seeking after her Bridegroom...

Says The Lord.


Peoples of the earth, do you know Me? Do you really know who I am? I am Elohim. YAHUSHUA-YAHUWAH is My name, both God and Savior. For in The Son does the fullness of The Father dwell...

Yet I ask you, who among the nations fears Me? Who among this modern generation, among all these multitudes of perverse and vile people, revere My name? Who, among this great multitude, trembles in fear at the coming of The Lord?! And who among the mighty shall be able to stand, when the wrath of God is revealed from Heaven?!

Therefore repent, and establish My way before Me,
Says The Lord God, and I shall also establish you...

For I am The Lord, and I shall
Establish justice in all the earth.


Who has given heed to the voice
Of The Lord their God?
Who has come out to meet Me?...

Behold, the lowly have come out,
The poor in spirit have come forth,
The broken have sought Me and
The faithful uphold My cause...

Yes, these who carry The Messiah
Within them have come forward to
Partake of My supper, and do follow
The Lamb wheresoever He leads them...

And behold, the day is near when He shall
Call out to His beloved, and all those who
Have ears to hear will be lifted up;
They shall surely be gone from this place!...

Says The Lord.

Blessed Be The Name

Behold, My name alone stands throughout
The generations, a perpetual covering for My people,
A secure place of shelter for all those who seek My face,
A tower of strength for all who take refuge in Me...

From everlasting, I AM, and to everlasting shall I be,
The same and unchanging, even as My name...

For I AM WHO I AM...

YAHUWAH, The One who causes to be;
YAHUSHUA, He by whom all things
Consist and have life...

Thus My name is one, even as
The Father and The Son are one,
A just God and a Savior - ONE...

Says The Lord.

The Holy Days‎‎

The significance of The Holy Days is found
In their meaning and revealed by their order...

Even as all find their fulfillment in The Messiah
And their completion in the coming of The Lord...

Says The Lord.

Set Apart

Beloved, stand apart from
This world in word and by deed;
Take your every thought captive
That you may be fully set apart...

Reveal your love for Me by all you say
And do; put your love on open display!...

Rest in Me on the Sabbath Day
And receive My blessing;
Honor My Holy Days and remember,
That you may also understand;
Hold fast to The Holy Covenant,
And no longer depart from
The Word of My Commandment...

Says The Lord.

Beloved, Awake

Beloved, awake! Awake from your slumber!
Awaken your hearts to The Majesty on High!
Embrace the full revelation of
WHO I AM, of all I have done!...

For the Word of The Lord
Flows like water, My love runs pure...

Therefore embrace My words and receive
Of My love, that you may be filled with My spirit,
To the bearing of much fruit in The Beloved...

Says The Lord.


It is the penitent man who shall know God,
And penitent you must be; die to yourselves daily...

Cast off the skin of this world and walk with
Me as I am, and not as you would have Me be...

Beloved, cast off your sins, depart quickly from
Temptation, and to the accuser turn a deaf ear;
For I tell you the truth, evil has lost
Its grip on the redeemed...

Therefore hear My words, and also do them;
Give heed to My speech, and embrace
All I have given you...

Drink deeply from this cup,
And be created anew...

Says The Lord your Redeemer.

The God of Justice

I am The Lord...

I know what is most needful,
I alone do what is right...

And though I afflict, I will also heal;
And though I strike the people in My wrath,
I will also bind up their wounds...

Behold, I shall bring the kingdoms
Of men to utter ruin, and make
The face of the earth a desolation;
For I AM HE who shall create new heavens
And a new earth, in which justice shall
Run down like water and righteousness
Like an ever-flowing stream...

For as I have spoken, so I speak;
As I am, so shall I be...

Says The King of Power and Glory,
The Only Lord of Hosts, The Holy One of Israel.

Spare the Rod

You have heard it said, to spare the rod is to hate your child. This Scripture is true. Yet I tell you the truth, the rod is discipline, and not that of physical punishment.
O vain and ignorant people, stop perverting the Scriptures of Truth! Humble yourselves, that you may gain wisdom. A child’s disobedience is brought forth from a troubled heart and an unsettled spirit, wrought in ignorance. How then shall a beating correct the heart, or striking them with a rod bring about a right spirit?


Beloved, do not exasperate your children
By bringing them into subjection by abuse...

Rather take them by the hand, and lead
Them in the ways of The Lord, with love...

For the love of a father is displayed in
Tenderness and kindness, and is also
Revealed through the correction and
Discipline of those he loves...

Says The Lord.

The Seed and The Sower

Beloved, you must ask yourselves, “Where have all these seeds been sown? Have they taken root? Or are they choked by the multitude of weeds which have sprung up?” Beware, for the birds gather, and wait eagerly to devour all seeds which have fallen by the wayside.

Thus only that which is first shall bear fruit;
For that which is foremost bears fruit
According to the Seed and
The One who has sown it...

Yet that which is put first by men, which is
Not of the Seed nor of The Sower, must die;
It must be uprooted and cast into the fire...

Says The Lord.

True Forgiveness‎‎

Begin again in Me, says The Lord, for I have not left you. Behold, I am with you, even to the end of this age.

Beloved, you are forgiven. And in true forgiveness, there is no remembrance of past offenses; behold, even your sins of tomorrow are washed away. Therefore fix your gaze upon Me, focus not on your sin; give temptation no power, and to the accuser turn a deaf ear.

Indeed, come all who struggle and are
Heavy-laden, and I will give you rest...

Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me,
For I am gentle and lowly in heart,
And in Me you will find rest for your souls...

For My yoke is easy, and My burden light,[32]
For all those who trust in Me...

Says The Lord.

The Fear of The Lord

It is written: The fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of The Holy One is understanding.[33]
Therefore all else is vanity, a false way, leading to great vexation of spirit. For I AM THE LORD. From the beginning it was I who had done it; even to the end shall I perform it; and behold, all is fulfilled according to My will.


Therefore to fear The Lord your God
Is indeed the beginning of wisdom...

For how can one know Me,
Unless they first acknowledge Me?
And how can one fear Me, unless they
Believe, I AM WHO I AM?...

He who causes to be,
He who called all things into existence,
The Creator of Heaven and Earth...

Says The Lord.

The Living Bread

Have I not provided a bounty? Have I not poured out and sent forth the call? Therefore let those who have come out abide in Me until the time, and eat also of this bread. For I shall be with them, yes, even I Myself shall be with them, close at hand, and they shall fellowship with Me in the secret place. They have all they need.
Yet let those who reject Me and My Word, even this blessing which I have given to this generation, walk through dry places. For I have left them desolate. And so they must walk, they must tread the path they have chosen, until the time be changed, until they are broken without hand. I AM THE LORD.


Therefore, again I say,
To all those who have ears to hear:
Seek not the table, but He who sits at it...

Says The Lord.

Walk In Me

There are none like Me, beloved, nor has there ever been one whose love surpasses understanding, a love without end. For I had paid the ransom from the beginning, a dowry the likes of which has never been seen, a bride-price from The God of Heaven.
Beloved, I stretched out My hands for you; I bore the weight of your sins, I carried your burdens! Therefore is My grace sufficient for you. Yet you must choose to stand up and walk in Me, relying on My strength in your times of weakness, by which My strength and your trust is made perfect.
Have I not said, “In obedience is your love made perfect,” and, “Who you choose, not what you choose, is the answer”?[34] And when you have chosen Me, is it not also your reasonable service to walk in Me?


Therefore, again I say, choose...

For I am The Only Way,
The Only Truth, The Only Life...

Says The Lord.

Service and Sacrifice

I tell you the truth, ALL who forsake the poor and the needy, and the fatherless and the widow, do not know Me, and have no place with Me at My supper, until they become as those they have forsaken. For by no other means will they learn true compassion.


Beloved, to drink My blood is
To receive of Me...

To give up everything is to walk in Me...

To suffer is to know Me...

And to die for another is to know
The depths of My love.


Yet I do not ask you to die for another, only that you push through - that you shatter all this stained glass with which you surround yourselves; that you be broken in pieces and truly become My disciples; that you love one another, even all those I send to you; that you surrender your lives and be created anew, trusting in Me to supply all that is needful... Trust which comes by service and sacrifice, says The Lord.

According to My Will and Purpose

Beloved ones, all My sheep hear My voice. Yet each receives in proportion to their faith and in accordance with My will and purpose. For a willing, humble heart is open to Me, and one who is deeply in love with Me will hear My voice. Yet this is not equal, nor shall every servant hear My voice in the same way.
For a prophet hears My voice, while another is moved deep within, while still others may only discern My leading, and this also is according to My will and purpose.


And that which I do has a perfect work
Within the hearts of My beloved, coming to
Fruition in those who remain in My love...

Those meet for The Master’s use...

Says The Lord.

In Open and In Secret

Beloved, speak not one word concerning those who have hurt you, not one more word against those who have betrayed you. Forgive them, pray for them, and let them go their way. Beloved, love your enemies and pray for those who betray you, and double for those who fight against you, for they have lifted up their heel against Me. Let resentment pass from your heart, and no more let your tongue cause you to stumble on their account. For each is accountable for their own heart and that which flows from it, even to every idle word.

Beloved, be My examples...

Order your speech like David,
And conduct yourselves as Daniel...

Let your speech express your love for Me
In every situation, and let your conduct reveal
My spirit in you, in open and in secret...

Beloved, prepare as though I were
Coming to take you this very day;
Walk with Me as though we walk
Together in the Garden already...

Says The Lord.

Doers of the Word

In repentance I am always well pleased...

Therefore let the penitent now turn fully to God,
And do works meet for repentance...

Let them no more be as the hypocrite,
But let them walk close behind Me,
Abiding in the shadow of The Almighty...

And what more shall I speak than
That which I have spoken already?...

Therefore believe My words, and also do them...

Says The Lord.

A True Disciple

The power of My strength shall be
Fulfilled in My servant’s weakness,
In accordance with their love and faithfulness,
And by their willingness to lay down their life,
That they might receive of My life...

A man in desperate thirst who refuses every cup
From men, yet gladly drinks from Mine...

A man whose hunger has brought forth
Within him a great void, which can not
Be filled by any earthly bread...

A man who strives to live by every word
That proceeds from the mouth of God...

A man who carries Me within him, bearing the
Scars of My Passion in his heart, always...

Says The Lord.

Serve Me As I Have Loved You

From this field I have called a select few, to be My examples; not according to their own righteousness, nor by their own strength or intellect, but according to My Word and by My spirit which dwells within them. These have forsaken everything for the sake of their Shepherd. They follow Me wheresoever I go. They listen to My voice and heed the call, and will by no means follow another.

Therefore, you also shall strive to be My examples...

Beloved ones, serve Me as I have loved you...

And remember, whatsoever you do
For another, you have done it for Me;
And whatsoever you do to another,
Whether in goodness or in malice,
You have done it also to Me...

Says The Lord.

The Narrow Way

I have indeed bestowed upon this generation a multitude of gifts, a great number of words, words of warning and unsurpassed wisdom, words of exaltation and correction, calling all in the earth to repent.
Lo, I have expounded many words of unending love, with great passion, revealing My Mercy which endures forever. Behold, I have proclaimed the way of salvation, time and time again, and He whose name is The Salvation of God! Yes, I have blown the trumpet and called forth My watchmen, I have struck the gates and rattled the doors, I have shaken the foundations of the earth! And still the people hold fast, clutching the pillars and shoring up the doors against Me!


Yet from the beginning I established the line,
A narrow way which I had placed in the
Midst of My people, Israel...

And in My mercy, I revealed The Way
In which My people should walk...

Behold, even now I have placed a
Plumb line in the midst of all people,
Setting all these crooked paths straight...

For I am The Lord, and I do not change.

The Perfect Sacrifice

Behold, I had come to you as a man,
Clothed in the flesh, humble, My glory set aside;
God become man, Immanu El...

Living as all have lived in the body,
Yet not as man lives in the spirit;
For I am clean, having no sin in My body,
Nor in My spirit, having obeyed every
Command of The Father - blameless...

The Lamb of God without spot or blemish,
Sent to die for the sins of the world,
Bearing the full weight of
Transgression in My own body...

The perfect sacrifice, acceptable to God,
Whereby all men are reconciled to The Father,
If they so choose to receive of The Free Gift
And walk in My ways...

Says The Lord YahuShua.

The Victory

All those who repent in My name, with
Sincere remorse in their hearts, are saved...

For I am The One who makes it
Possible for them to do so...

And though some have fallen asleep in death,
And others are slain, even by their own hand,
I ask you, shall death have the last word?...

For I shall raise them up at the Last Day!...

For I have granted them the victory, even as
I am The Victory, being The Firstfruits from death...

Even as those given Me shall likewise be first
When the shout is made...

Says The Lord.

Search Not in the World‎‎

My grace descends upon all who repent in sincerity and in truth, and My spirit dwells within those who keep The Commandments and testify to My glory. Therefore, receive of Me; then will that which you seek become clear. For your heart’s true desire can not be found in the world... Seek God!

Again I say to you, search not in the world,
For there you will not find Me;
Nor seek Me in the churches of men,
For there you will not find Me...

For I tell you the truth,
The Kingdom of God is within you...

Says The Lord YahuShua.


Beloved ones, give your attention to those things I have set before you, obey all My commands, and consider that which I require of you... Trust in Me.
Run not ahead, nor lag behind, but grow wise in My ways. Keep your eyes fixed upon Me, and be keenly aware of My goings out and comings in... Follow Me.


Yet remember this...

The state of your heart
Dictates how much you receive,
And your obedience decides the ingress...

Your willingness sets the pace, and the strength
Of your grip will keep you from falling...

Says The Lord.

The Commandments

In My love, I laid for you an everlasting
Foundation upon which you were to stand...

And in My mercy I constructed high walls,
Made with the finest stone, to protect you,
Even from yourselves...

Engraven stones,
Touched by the finger of God...

Says The Lord.

My Spirit Dwells in My Own

Beloved ones, I tell you the truth, the people of this world do not know Me. Therefore I have come close, to unstop the ears of all who long to hear My voice and obey it; I have drawn near, to open the eyes of all who desire to look upon My face and partake of My glory; and behold, I have poured out My spirit to restore the hearts of the penitent, to breathe new life into all those who embrace My words and seek to remain in My love.

For I am come[35], and have come already;
And behold, I shall also return
And reveal My glory...

I have not departed from My people,
For My spirit dwells in My own...

Yet all must be broken...

Some broken before the time,
And many more after...

Says The Lord.


Once you were lost, yet now you are found...

Once you were naked, yet now you are clothed
In fine linens of white, your filthy rags cast off forever...

Once you were hungry and very thirsty, starving
In a world of empty promises, lies and vain deceits,
Yet now you are nourished with The Word of Truth...

Once you were sick, mortally ill,
Yet now you are healed in Me, now you are
Restored because of Me - My body, My bride...

My precious flower, My pleasant plant, of which
I shall pluck from the earth at the time appointed,
Replanted in the Garden at dawn on the new day...

Therefore come forth, all My people,
And flourish in the light of The Lord,
And bear much fruit in The Beloved!...

Says The Lord YahuShua.

A Spear and a Sword

My every Letter is a spear with which I
Shall pierce the heart of this people...

Every Volume a sword by which I
Shall divide them asunder...

A rod and a staff for those who believe...



Answer not the obstinate, nor strive
With those who reject My words...

Give no occasion to the adversary,
Nor give the mocker a voice;
Give the scoffer no consideration at all;
Let them eat silence...

Rather pray for your adversaries...

For they do not fight against you,
They contend with Me...

Says The Lord.

Labor of Love

Beloved ones, treat those of My body as you wish to be treated. Consider not what tomorrow may bring, nor dwell on that which has passed; embrace them as they are in this moment. For the one who stands in front of you is the person they are today. For who they were yesterday has passed away, and the person they will become tomorrow is not yet revealed. For you know not what tomorrow will bring, nor do you truly know that which has passed. You know neither the heart nor the mind, nor are you able to search the thoughts or look upon the innermost intentions.
Therefore, treat all My beloved as you would treat Me. Embrace your brothers and sisters in Messiah as you would embrace Me, walking with Me as I am and not as you would have Me be. For it is written: According to the judgment with which you judge shall you be judged, and with the measure you use shall it be measured back to you.[36]


Yet the servant who walks with Me
Moment by moment, treating their
Brother or sister as they wish to be treated,
Shall walk free, unhindered...

Their every reasonable service
Becoming a labor of love...

Says The Lord.

Do Not Judge

It is written: Do not speak evil of one another. For whoever speaks evil of a brother, or judges a brother, speaks evil of The Law and judges The Law. But if you judge The Law, you are not a doer of what The Law says, but a judge.[37]

In the same way, one who speaks evil
Of My messenger and judges My prophet
Speaks evil of Me and judges the Word...

And one who judges the Word will
By no means obey it, but have set
Themselves up as an authority, a judge,
Held captive by their own evil thoughts.


Again, one who refuses My messenger can by no means receive My message, and one who judges him has blinded themselves to the Truth. For there is none righteous, no, not one. Yet The One who sent the message is true. Thus the one who delivers My Word must also be its recipient, or how shall I send him? And all those who judge can do nothing and shall receive nothing; even that which they have shall be taken away, says The Lord.

Spiritual Warriors

What is man? He is but flesh, his power of no use at all. And in his pride he seeks glory for himself, a false valor. And so he continually turns to his own devices, deceiving himself, thinking he stands though he has fallen.
Foolhardy, he rushes into battle where he suffers injury after injury, ignoring his wounds, wounds which remain unhealed, infecting the whole of the body. Yet he continues on in his arrogance, his pride driving him forward, unable to see that he is cast down, saying within himself, “Look at my accomplishments, look upon all I have done!” And all the while satan laughs, saying, “Behold my acolytes; see how these men of battle have become like me.”


Sons and daughters of men, you are no warriors...

You are casualties, spoils of a war
Which was won from the foundation
Of the world, of which I was also slain...

For I alone bear the scars of battle...

Lo, I bear them in My hands and My feet,
Upon My back and in My side, wounds which I
Received in the house of My friends...

Says The Lord.

An Ensign to All Nations

Let the Trumpet be blown loudly!
Let the call to repentance go out
And the announcement be made!...

For I have lifted up an ensign to all nations,
I have set up a standard for this sleeping generation...

A bright and shining lamppost for My people...

A light, the glory of which shall not be diminished,
But shall only increase by measure...

Says The Lord.

Pure Works

Beloved ones, worship Me as I am and not as you would have Me be! Obey MY voice! Depart from every form of evil and tear down every whitewashed wall of abomination!
Again, I say, be separate and come out from among them, and repent! Return to Me, in spirit and in truth, and in the day I stretch out My hand against the inhabitants of the earth, you shall surely be gone from this place.
My beloved servants, share your gifts: Lift up the poor and help the needy, give drink to the thirsty and feed the hungry, share My love and wash each other’s feet. Yet no longer be a friend of this world, and no more walk in the ways of the churches of men, for they have not known Me.


Be set apart! Rejoice and give thanks!...

Honor The Messiah in spirit and in truth,
And walk closely in His example;
Testify of Him, from His birth to His passion;
Glorify His name in all the earth!...

For HE is the true gift...

Says The Lord.


Embrace My words, obey that which I have
Spoken to this generation, and you shall surely
Escape all these things which I am about to do.

For as it was in the days of Lot, when I brought
Him out of the city, so likewise shall I deliver
My people in the Day of Wrath.

For those in whom The Messiah
Dwells must be taken out of the way;
Then shall I judge the earth and strike the nations.

For I do not change...

Says The Lord.

The Wrath of God

Beloved ones, come to Me, and I shall give you rest;
Be drawn to Me, that I may lift you up.

For I tell you the truth, My wrath is coming;
Behold, My anger is aroused, My fierce
Jealousy burns like a raging fire
And is about to come to the full.

Yet do not waver, but understand.

For My wrath is required, and the foundation
Of My anger rests solidly upon My jealousy,
By which My unending sorrow is also revealed.

For My wrath is born of sorrow,
And My anger bursts forth as a husband
Jealous over his bride, My fury as a father
Protecting his children, as one mighty
In battle breaking through the lines...

Says The Lord.

A Dry Tree

What is a dry tree to he who holds the axe?

Yet when the winds pass through and catch
The man sleeping, is he not easily
Crushed by the weight of the tree?

Indeed, what is this forest full of tall trees
Before Me, standing so tall with roots deeply
Embedded in the world, blocking always the warmth
Of the sun at eventide, casting long shadows
Under which the wicked flock?

Are they not soon left cold, standing in darkness?

Are they not as those who seek shelter under a tree
When the rains descend and the thunder crashes,
Who meet a quick end when lightning strikes?...

Says The Lord.

The Plight of the Ungodly

The words of scoffers come forth
From a hard and troubled heart,
From a place void of understanding.

Their words are like chaff, their every lofty
Assertion dust, carried away by the wind.

As a ship tossed about by rough seas,
So is the plight of the ungodly;
In a dark sea of confusion, they attempt
To sail against every wind of doctrine
Which opposes them.

Yet all their toil is in vain...

For I am The Only Truth!
I am God alone!


Behold, all I have spoken
Is established and shall be;
My Word yields to no man.

For My words are poured out like rain,
And My voice shakes the house like thunder,
My every word a hailstone released from
The treasury of hail, which I have
Reserved for the Time of Trouble.

Behold, My wrath is a consuming fire,
A mighty earthquake, encompassing
The breadth of the whole earth!...

Says The Lord.

The Weeping Willow

What is the high branch of the palm tree
To that of the weeping willow?
For they know not each other’s place.

Each bears seed after its own kind,
Yet the ground beneath remains unyielding.
And without the rain, the leaf fades
And the seed flees back into the dust
Of the ground, unable to rise again.

Therefore are they cut down as the cedars;
They are broken and they are toppled when
Calamity comes to claim them, washed away.

And who will mourn their passing or
Search out their seed, that they might
Be revived in another place?...

Says The Lord.

Cast Down

Is My Word in need of confirmation by those who say they know Me, yet do not really know Me? Is the Word of My mouth subject to men, whose understanding remains altogether lacking, whose knowledge is corrupt and whose power is of no use at all?
Shall My words be made subject to the approval of any self- appointed apostle, prophet or teacher? Shall flesh usurp the things of God? Can mortal man ascend above the throne of The Eternal? Shall the created rule over The Creator, or the corrupt sit as judge over The Holy? Shall any attempt to occupy My throne and not be cast down?!


Thus the highly esteemed shall be abandoned,
And the self-appointed severely abased...

Left to walk through the valley in the
Great and Terrible Day of The Lord,
Until death comes to claim them...

Declares The Lord.

The Doctrines of Men

The doctrines of men are a
Loathsome spot on every garment
Worn in the name of truth!...

A detestable wrinkle within
The tapestry of My glory!...

A horrible interwoven thread by
Which those who call of themselves
Christian pollute My name and mar
My image before the people...

Says The Lord.

My Hand Is Removed

The penitent wait and
Bow down in thanksgiving.

Yet the arrogant and false righteous
Stand up proudly, declaring their
Deliverance, a deliverance which has
Already passed and shall not come.

For My hand is removed
And My spirit taken.[38]

For only those in whom I see of Myself
Shall escape, and only those caught
In My embrace shall fly away...

Says The Lord.

I Am God of the Living

There is a people who sleep and a flesh which has no life in it, there are many who have been lost to the depths, a great multitude who have returned to the dust of the earth and can not be found. Yet The Lord God knows their names and their dwelling places; not one has passed from My sight, not one has been given up to the void.

Behold, the day and hour is close at hand,
Yea it is very near, when the dead in Messiah
Shall arise and the sleepers shall awake,
When the rotting corpses are revived
And the dust gathers together once again...

From one end of the earth to the other,
Even from the deepest depths, shall My people
Rise up and give Me glory!...

Therefore let the children of Israel prepare,
Let everyone joined to Messiah step forward
And claim their inheritance...

For I have but to call out your name!....

For I am God of the living,
The One alone worthy of all praise...

Says The Holy One of Israel.

The Indignation of The Lord

My anger is kindled and
Burns in the heat of My wrath;
My indignation has come to the full
And must be poured out!...

Like a dark storm building upon
The horizon brings foreboding,
As a great torrent inundates a city and
Running waters quickly overtake a town...

Like fierce waves beat back the shore
Or a raging sea capsizes a ship,
As the power of the great whirlwind
Causes widespread devastation...

So shall the indignation of The Lord be!...

Says The Lord.

A Broadsword

The name of The Lord of Hosts is a broadsword,
And My every word a freshly sharpened blade!
For in My name is great power, and at the sound
Of My name all darkness flees away!

For as a razor removes the stubble,
And fervent heat burns away the dross,
So shall My name purge the waste places
And cleanse the polluted cities...

Until all these squawking birds are brought
Down into silence and every tall tower
Is toppled and left in ruins!...

Until Babel is utterly destroyed and every
Last vestige of man’s invention is wiped
From the face of the earth!...

Says The Lord God.


Many great signs have been given
To this generation, yet all have went
Greatly ignored by the multitude;
Yet those who are Mine have clearly seen.

Yet understand this,
These signs are but the first of many,
And shall continue, increasing by measure
Until the time be fulfilled...

Then shall The Son of Man appear,
Clothed in the brightness of His glory,
A brilliance which has no equal;
Even the blind shall see!...

Says The Lord.

In My Footsteps‎‎

Beloved, I delight in that which one gives to another in My name, and by the works of their own hands and feet in all righteousness. This is the tithe in which I delight most.
Therefore if one comes to you, saying, “Give me a cup of water,” give them a drink in My name. And if another comes, saying, “I need a shirt, for I am naked and cold,” give them your shirt and your coat also. And if this same one asks, “Will you walk with me this far?” Go with them double.


Therefore, tithe not only
Of your money and material possessions,
But also of your strength and your time,
As one willing to give up their life for My sake.

For this is to truly know Me,
This is to walk in Me, in My very footsteps,
And to love your neighbor as yourself...

Says The Lord YahuShua.

The Way of the Upright‎‎

Those who have received eyes to see,
See the way ahead clearly and
Without obstruction, and follow it.

And those who have received ears to hear,
Hear the Truth and obey it...

Says The Lord.

A Welcomed Rain

Beloved, I have poured out My spirit on all flesh, even as I was poured out for you from the beginning. Yet no one comes to drink, not one is willing to receive of Me as I truly am. Therefore I shall indeed remove My hand, and My spirit shall return to Me.[39] Behold, from every individual who refuses to give heed to My voice and embrace My correction has it departed already.
Yet let all those who remain in My love understand and have peace. For though My spirit departs from the multitudes and the ensuing darkness be thick, though wickedness overflows and every man of pride who being wise in his own eyes is left confounded, I shall not make a total end.


For My hand shall remain with the faithful,
And My strength shall be revealed in My anointed.

Behold, My spirit shall well up within
The hearts of the penitent and come upon
My chosen as a welcomed rain, and they shall
Be greatly increased, shining ever brighter,
Even amidst thick clouds and darkness...

Says The Lord.

Prepare the Way of The Lord

Prepare in the desert the way of The Lord!
Make a straight path in these
Dry and parched lands,
For The Holy One of Israel!

Let every valley be exalted,
And every mountain and hill brought low!
Let the crooked places be made straight,
And the rough places smooth!

For The Glory of The Lord shall be
Revealed from Heaven, and all
People shall behold it together!...

Declares The Lord.

The Joy of The Lord

Beloved, come and be filled with the joy of The Lord, which never fades, nor does it slumber, nor will it ever pass away; a flood of joy flowing into the innermost parts of your being, cascading through your spirit, reaching deep into that hidden place known only to The Lord; a place crafted by My own fingertips, delicately fashioned so those of the flesh may know Me, unlocked and opened by the trusting in and the knowledge of The Greatest of All Loves...

A love which surpasses time and space, life and death, a place of perfect peace, yea inside pure and undefiled love; love of such a kind, cleansing every part seen and unseen, known and unknown; the love of such power and majesty, even that which has been corrupted is restored in the image of God... From grace to Grace, from light to The Light...

My glory shown in you and through you, bright and shining, a flame brought forth from My own glory, shared with My beloved forever; a flame which can never be put out, nor can it flicker, nor shall it be covered over again! For where I am there is no darkness at all! Says The Lord YahuShua.

A Trumpet and Alarm

Let all who behold My words look upon
Them as an ensign, as a waving banner brought
Forth and set up for this wayward generation,
Even as a trumpet and alarm blowing
Continually upon the wall...

Let its sound rush through the streets of the cities!
Let its noise be carried into the wilderness,
Even to the outermost isles!

And let all those who have ears to hear listen,
And be silent before their God, and pray.

Indeed, let all in the earth partake of My Word
And be brought into deep and profound silence,
And consider...

Says The Lord.

The Stone

I shall increase the sound of
My voice seven times, even as Jericho,
Until all things break and all are broken...

Many broken unto death, ground to dust
Beneath The Stone which shall be placed in Zion,
For The Stone shall become a great mountain
Filling the whole earth...

While still others, My hidden treasure,
My battered and bruised sheep,
The wild of My flock, are broken and
Come to rest solidly atop this same Stone,
The Rock of My Enduring Promise...

Says The Lord.

The Lord Your Righteousness

The Lord your God has a Holy One. He is The Head of the body, The True Sanctuary, The Only Life Without End! Behold, He is a strong tower, a fortified city in the day of battle, an all-encompassing fire, The Mighty and Strong One whose rod is made of iron, The Law-Giver... The Source of Life by which all things consist, your Carpenter and Redeemer, The Salvation of God!
Therefore wait upon The Lord with meekness and fear, with unwavering trust; wait for Him! For He is The Fountain of Living Waters for all who thirst, a fruitful vine for the hungry, a wealth of riches for all those who come to Me empty.


Therefore, beloved, give Him glory!
Lift up your voices with everlasting praise!
Bring thanksgiving to the altar,
And offer up your hearts before Him!

Shout His name to the heavens,
For He is The Lord your Righteousness!...



The Voice of The Lord

And what of My voice, you ask? Its sound? Its tone? Its passion?
This is what I say to you: Listen, and you shall also know...

How does water taste to the man
Lost in the desert, dying of thirst?

How does food taste to the starving?

How does love feel to the desolate?

How does the warmth of a fire feel
To those coming in from the cold?

How does the caress of your
Beloved feel after many days apart?

How does a father look upon his newborn child?

How can one describe the sound
Of love which surpasses knowledge,
The sound of what My love is?

Can you hold the infinite in your hand?!

Beloved, this is what My voice
Sounds like to those who love Me:


A still small voice.

And to the rest:
The sound of rushing waters,
Lightnings and thunderings of fury and fiery anger,
With deep and infinite sorrow, bitter anguish!



The Voice of Truth.

The Volumes

My Word in The Volumes of Truth is the rod by which the translations of men are to be tested, a light which shines upon the doctrines of men to expose them, revealing them to be blasphemies and heresies before God, all of which shall burn up in the Day, when the fire comes to test the quality of each man’s work.

Therefore, if one professing faith be wise,
He shall humble himself before Me,
Calling upon the name of The Holy One
For knowledge, in where all understanding
Flows to the truly contrite and penitent,
Flowing in pure testimony, free from corruption.

And by this only shall one be wise in the reading,
Comparing that which was given with that
Which is put forth once again, discerning
The Source and The Author to be the same...

One Word, One Book,
One on-going Testament to My glory;
By no means shall it be divided into three!...

Says The Lord.

The Tabernacle of My Mercy

Behold, I shall come in an instant!
In a moment, I shall reach down and take My spoil!

Therefore, let the remnant of Israel be found
Waiting with eager hands, and let those grafted
Into My olive tree bear summer fruit!

Let the sprigs sprout quickly,
And let not the seedlings be withered;
Let not the noonday sun wilt or scorch
Any of My pleasant plants.

Be moved from your places,
Oh My people, and be hidden!
Be exalted, oh My beautiful ones,
And find sanctuary in the tabernacle of My mercy!

Be sheltered from all this burning heat,
Until the indignation passes by
And The Majesty comes!...

Says The Lord.

The Only Judge‎‎

Nothing coming from the mouth of those who scoff and shoot out the lip against The Lord’s anointed, whether they be a friend or an enemy, a spouse or a relative, a neighbor or a stranger, a scholar or a teacher, a pastor or a self-appointed prophet or preacher, shall be accounted as true. Neither shall any weight be given to their arguments; it is wind. For I alone sit as judge, says The Lord.

Brought Low‎‎

As the scythe cuts through the stalk,
As the sweeping blow fells many plants at once,
So shall the sharpness of realization cut to the heart
Of this people, and in that same moment the
Loftiness of many shall be brought down...

Declares The Lord.

The Author and The Finisher

If you embrace the Scriptures of Truth,
Yet reject My Word in these Volumes,
You deny the Word of The Lord.

And if you embrace My Letters,
Yet reject the Bible,
You deny the Word of The Lord.

For I am The Author and Finisher thereof...

Says The Lord.


I shall not make a total end...

For I shall clothe all who come to Me
In sincere repentance with fine robes.

I shall feed the poor in spirit,
Wipe the tears of the remorseful,
And uphold the broken.

I shall shelter the penitent and give grace
To the humble, and the pure in heart
Shall behold My face.

Indeed, all who wash My feet
With their tears shall be comforted
For one week in the house of The Lord...

Says The Holy One of Israel.

The Almighty‎‎


He who sets up kingdoms and brings them to ruin!
He who set the foundations of the earth
And covered them with beauty!
He who also set the stars in their places
And caused the galaxies to take their form!
He to whom all creation bows down!...

He whose power is limitless and by whose wisdom
All things were brought forth,
Whose authority is absolute,
The God who reigns in Israel!...

He who was and is and is to come,
The Almighty!


The lake of My burning heart is a consuming fire,
And in the heat of My jealousy I shall purify
My people seven times, until only that
Which bears My likeness remains...

The refined lifted up, the wicked consumed,
Destruction of every kind of evil!...

For I am The Lord who was and is,
Even from the beginning,
And to the end and forever after I remain...

Says The Lord.

The Planting of The Lord

Pretense is not at all becoming of a servant
Of The Lord; neither is the world a garment
Which My elect shall wear.

Beloved, strip yourselves naked;
Cast off these filthy robes!
Wash yourselves, make yourselves clean!
Turn away from this world, and come to Me!

Lay yourselves upon the altar and
Become a living sacrifice to The Lord,
The planting of The Lord, My pleasant plants
Set in the midst of My vineyard,
My beautiful ones grafted in...

Says The Lord.

A Unique and Lovely Song

Here is wisdom: The prayers of My children are indeed precious in My sight, a unique and lovely song entering My ears. For every song sung in My name, whether in open or in secret, in sorrow or in joy, is received up to Heaven as a memorial before The Holy One of Israel, even as incense before the altar. For that which has come up before Me is a blessing, which is then received back again, a wonderful recompense for fervent prayer on another’s behalf.

Thus that prayed due to a troubled heart
Comes back again, to heal not the heart
Of the one on whose behalf the prayer was offered,
But to mend that which is torn in the
Heart of the one who offered it...

Whether it be from anger to forgiveness,
Or from anguish to peace,
Or from tears of sadness to tears
Of hope and joyful expectation...

Says The Lord YahuShua.

A Prophet

What is a prophet?...

Is he not a man, My servant,
Whom I have chosen and called?
And when does My servant become a prophet?
And what is the length of time he remains as such?

Lo, he is only a prophet in that self-same moment
In which I speak to him and cause him to hear,
Prophesying only as long as I cause him
To speak or to write My words.

For there is no prophecy apart from My will,
And without My voice there can be no prophesying;
And without My spirit, no man may hear,
Nor shall he behold a vision,
Nor is he able to understand.

Apart from The Holy One,
There is no knowledge...


No Equal

I am The Lord, He who stretched out the heavens and hung the earth upon nothing. I am He who created all these worlds, He who causes all things to be. I am He who formed man from the dust of the earth and gave him breath, and he became a living soul. Behold, I spoke all life into existence, yes, I am He who called all things into existence, saying, “Arise and declare My glory!” For all creation obeys the sound of My voice.

Yea, the whole universe declares My glory!
For I am He who commanded the stars to shine
Their light and the galaxies to take their form.

Behold, My voice reaches across the universe,
And reverence is spread out before Me;
For I command the hills to bow down and the
Mountains to be brought low, and it is so;
Yea, the whole earth trembles when I pass by!

For I am great in power and My glory has no equal!

Thus the fear of The Lord goes before Me,
And obedience follows after Me...

Says The Lord.


Fear God and put all your trust in The Holy One. For the power of The Father is displayed through The Son, for He is the express image of The Holy, The Salvation of God... He whose hand reaches far and wide, whose strength is almighty, whose wisdom holds all creation in His understanding, whose love endures forever! He whose righteousness comes, and had been stretched out before us, for every eye to see! The end of which shall be as a flood cleansing the sanctuary of His mercy, restoring all things, even to a new heavens and a new earth.

Behold, it is time for the power
Of God to be made known, for the name
Of The Holy One of Israel to be glorified
Above the heights of the mountains,
To overshadow every hill!...

It is time for The King to return and gather,
To reveal the glory of His might!...

Immanu El!

Trust In God Alone

What is earthly, let it stay earthly;
And what is spiritual, let it stay spiritual.

Hold not to the earthly nor to the
Understanding of men, nor grab hold
Of any private interpretation of Scripture;
Trust not in the doctrines of men.

Hold fast to God,
And place all your trust in The Messiah.

Open Your Eyes to The Truth

Search, and you shall discover the truth, which is God. Dissect life’s structures; there He is, its writer and fashioner. Look deeper and farther than ever before, and there you will find Him. Calculate and count all things which are before your eyes, yes, search the cosmos, study it, and you will begin to know Him. No matter where you point your lenses, there He is, within the scope of your understanding.

Behold, all discoveries lead to God!
Though you need not seek, nor discover,
For the knowledge of God is within you.

Yet only the shedding of the skin
Of this world and the death of your pride
Shall open your eyes to The Truth -
Which is absolute, forever standing
On a hill, bright and shining,
Immovable, unbreakable!...

The Everlasting Stone which has
Become The Head of the Corner,
The Great Mountain which
Fills the whole earth!

Seek The Light

Those who seek to understand the dark
Will soon find themselves trapped
In the midst of it, unable to break free.

Yet those who seek The Light will find it,
And I will show them The Way;
In these darkness has no foothold...

Says The Lord.

The Redeemed

Beloved, cast off your sins,
Depart quickly from temptation,
And to the accuser turn a deaf ear.

For I tell you the truth, evil has lost
Its grip on the redeemed...

Says The Lord YahuShua.

The Riches of Eden

Only those in union with The Messiah
Shall inherit the riches of Eden,
And only those who fully accept
His sacrifice shall be restored.

For from the garden did you come forth,
And to the garden shall you return;
Yet not in the former manner, but in glory...

Created anew...

Says The Lord.

A Right Heart

A right heart bridles the tongue;
And a forgiving heart absolves every hurt,
Bringing peace to the mind...

Says The Lord.

The Restoration

Behold, The Restoration is coming, coming quickly!...

All things restored as in the beginning;
A garden where nothing is destroyed,
And none are given to destruction;
No more pain or tears, no more sickness or death...

Only life is, and shall be, forever!...

Says The Lord.


As I have spoken, so I speak;
As I am, so shall I be and have always been...

For I am The Lord,

The Time of Testing

My spirit has spoken throughout
The generations, in its steadfastness and quiet;
Yet few have ears to hear, few are willing
To open their hearts and receive My correction.

Yet now the time has come for those
Who say they are My people to be tried,
It is time for their works to be tested.

For the Word of My mouth shall declare it,
And in the Day of The Lord
It shall surely be made plain...

Every false way exposed,
Every perverse tradition torn in pieces,
Every detestable doctrine crushed
Beneath the weight of the Truth...

Says The Lord.

All Tears Wiped Away

Those who grab hold of their First Love
With all their heart, with all their mind,
With all their strength and with all their soul,
Shall never go hungry, nor shall they thirst anymore;
Nor shall the heat of the noonday
Sun do them any harm...

Yea, even all their tears shall be wiped away
In the house of The Lord...

Says The Lord.

Tipping Point

I tell you the truth, that which is tipped can not be set upright again, and that which has been set in motion can not be stopped. Lo, even that which was held captive in the depths of silence has been released. Behold, it comes forth, increasing by order of magnitude, and can in no wise be put back again... Says The Lord.

One Salvation

I have put forth a great multitude of words to bless you, a great number of loving and stern speeches. I have called this generation to repent, and have given ample warning. And those who cupped their ears heard My voice, and those who received of Me wrote My words in their heart, sincerely seeking to do them, that they might honor Me and bring glory to My name.

And there is but One Escape...

Whether one lives or dies,
There is but One Salvation...

No matter the time or the season,
There is but One...

Declares The Almighty.


Behold, the signs of My coming
Are made plain and are revealed in the
World everyday, even in every corner.

Yet that which I am doing is not
Easily discerned by men;
For their hearts are hard, and they
Remain slow of understanding.

Therefore great trust is required,
And must be born of real belief,
Knowing I AM WHO I AM...

Says The Lord.


Listen to the sound of My voice,
Fall in love with Me as at the first,
Come to Me anew as in the beginning;
Beloved, it is time to acquiesce,
To fully surrender to the truth of who I am!...

To be submersed in My spirit,
To be baptized in My love,
To seek first The Kingdom of God
And His Righteousness, which I am...

Then shall that which is needful be added to you...


The Lord’s Day

Behold, The Son of Righteousness shall rise up with healing in His wings, and you, My precious beloved, shall go out leaping like calves released from the stall! The King, Himself, shall cultivate the ground in that day, with streams of living waters breaking out behind Him! Behold, new life shall fill every corner, and the desolate places shall be restored! Whole forests shall burst forth from the ground, with every kind of tree and flowering plant, every kind of grass and fern reappearing, and every living creature leaping up from the dust of the earth, once again!
Behold, The Lord’s peace shall be there! And nothing under the sun shall destroy, nor shall anything be given to destruction, in all My holy mountain! For there shall be no predator, nor shall any prey be found, neither shall the strong slay the weak. For as it is written: The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, the lion shall eat straw like the ox, and dust shall be the serpent’s food.[40] All shall dwell in safety, with every living creature dwelling at peace with its neighbor.
Behold, in that day everlasting righteousness shall reign in all the earth! For The King shall stand up, and all creation shall bow down! And He shall look upon the joy of His heart with gladness, and the blessing shall be fulfilled: He shall bless them and keep them, and make His face to shine upon them; He shall be gracious to them, and lift up His countenance upon them, and grant them peace.[41]
And thus shall My name be placed upon the children of Israel, even upon all who have been grafted in, and they shall be blessed. Yea, they shall be exceedingly glad, dwelling in the presence of The Lord, forever!
Behold, the multitudes shall break forth into singing! For The Glory of The Lord shall be alive in their hearts, the seal of The Living God shall be upon their foreheads, the Way of The Lord shall dwell in their limbs, and unending praise shall be upon their lips! All their doings shall bear fruit in righteousness, for The Law shall be written there, even in their innermost parts! And behold, The King of Peace shall overflow, and His people shall be satisfied and have rest, our joy complete.


Therefore, blessed are all those who seek
Forgiveness in YahuShua HaMashiach,
And also receive.

For in His name shall all find freedom,
Solace under the shadow of His healing wings...

Life without end...

Says The Lord God.

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