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Awaken... Partake of The Living Bread

Awaken... Partake of The Living Bread

4/6/09 From YahuShua HaMashiach, Our Lord and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord YahuShua: There are none here who have come into perfection, a finishing of that which I Myself have planted within you and watered...

Therefore, understand the Word of My mouth and that which is set before you, even upon each of your plates: I have bore you, even twice have you come forth; first by water and blood in the flesh, and a second time in the Spirit, yea even a third time when you shall come into glory. And behold, that which is first sown in your hearts is The Living Word. And that which grows from Me bears fruit, according to the food and drink I provide, the written Word. Therefore both are necessary, yet one must be first.

Yet understand this:
One who is awakened can not remain so,
Unless they receive of Me and also
Eat of that which I provide...

Therefore abide in Me,
And partake daily of My supper...

Says The Lord.

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