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Blessed Hope

Blessed Hope

11/19/11 From YahuShua HaMashiach, Our Lord and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: There are many gathered together, of one heart and one mind; there are many scattered abroad, with faces turned by the wind, with chapped cheeks and red faces; there are many who have embraced him whose heel is lifted up against Me.

What are all these tears?! - Flowing streams without hope, torrents with no outlet, flooding sorrows drowning every hope and killing every good intention! What is this leaning upon God’s people, oppressing them, crushing them?! Who are all these who spit in My eyes and lay stripes upon My back?! Are not My people delivered?! And still the voice of the multitude says, “There is no hope in God.”
Dark counsel is increased! Concealed truth devastates the ignorant, while men in authority step upon the fingers of the innocent! How long shall dark counsel prevail?! Shall veiled intentions come upon My people, to do great harm in an instant?! Shall the nations lie down in death, for lack of remorse?! For I see no sincere repentance, nor has one truly turned about.
How long shall the multitudes swear by things made, and place their trust in the works of man?! For the desolate know not the things of God, nor is darkness able to understand; yea, the wicked gnash upon their teeth, the whole body convulses in the wake of mourning, for there is no rest.

Yet My hand caresses the cheeks of the hopeless,
As we watch the dawning of the day together...

For the strength of My arm uplifts the downtrodden,
My strong embrace heals the sorrowful,
Every beat of My heart revives the dead,
And the sound of My voice frees every captive...

Behold, the power of My love hides them away!...

Says The Lord.

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