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Churches of Men, Hear The Word of The Lord

Churches of Men, Hear The Word of The Lord

9/9/09 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: I have spoken to those who call of themselves Christian, yet they have not discerned. I have written to them by the pen of My prophets, yet they have not perceived. Indeed, they refuse to accept Me as I truly am. For within their churches they worship another god, they teach the people of another messiah, one who looks nothing like Me!
Lo, they seek after the doctrines and traditions of men, which I hate; they embrace them without thought or consideration; behold, they uphold them in MY name! DESECRATION! BLASPHEMY! The whole body is sick, its members wane, for they are covered with the filth of the pagan and dwell gladly in their uncleanness!

For behold, the mother went forth and
Played the harlot; yes, she played the harlot
And reveled in her fornications with the heathen;
She married among the pagans and laid
Down with them in her wickedness...

And behold, she gave birth by her father,
And brought forth many daughters...

In sin she brought forth! In great wickedness
She proliferated all her adulteries
Against both God and man!

She has altogether forsaken Me! Says The Lord. For she does always reject the Spirit of Truth, and will not listen to the counsel of The Holy One of Israel. For she has solidified her way before her, and will not be turned aside!
Behold, she is altogether like one who has committed treason, a self-appointed queen who has endeavored to seat herself upon My throne, deceiving the people, taking much delight in her authority! Behold, like the jackals of the wilderness, which tear the flesh and drag away the carcass, so has she torn the heart of this people; they are far removed! For they are made to dwell in darkness with her, as they lie down with the dead.
Behold, even as the sow devours without reservation, wallowing in its own filth, taking much pleasure in all its uncleanness, so in like manner does she! Yet the sow knows its place, and acts according to the manner in which it was created. Yet it is not so among those who walk in her ways. Behold, even those who rebelled against her, who proclaim they are set apart from her, remain like her, practicing those same things which I said they shall not do! And though they say, “We are not daughters,” daughters they remain.
Thus the harlot shall be torn in pieces! Her flesh shall be eaten, and she shall be burned with fire, as it is written![1] And all her daughters, yes, all you churches of men, shall be severely abased! Even a great purging shall come forth from within the midst of you; behold, you shall be stripped naked and left desolate in the Great and Terrible Day of The Lord!

Therefore hear Me, all you foolish leaders who dwell amongst the churches of men, hear the Word of The Lord your God: Yes, you shall surely be left desolate and stripped naked of all your clothes! And no more shall you spew all this perverse doctrine or revel in all these filthy traditions before My face!
Behold, your adulteries shall be uncovered, O churches of men, and you shall cry out in the streets! And with tears streaming, you shall fall and be made to sit upon the ground, until you once again stand up with pure testimony and right understanding, proclaiming My name in truth, honoring My Commandments and keeping My Sabbaths, and no more adding to nor taking away from the Word which I have commanded you.[2] In that day, the multitudes shall lie down in death, and many of you shall fall asleep. Yet I shall come for you, and lift you up, and give you robes of white. Yes, you shall die, even at the hands of men, yet you shall be lifted up to glory.

Therefore purge yourselves, and cease from all this awful spewing!
Wash yourselves, make yourselves clean, AND REPENT; return to Me!...

Beloved, come to Me empty, that you may receive true knowledge;
Come out from among them and embrace your Savior in truth;
Be delivered from all this darkness!...

Turn away from the commandments of men;
Stand apart from those who call evil good and good evil,
Who put darkness for light and light for darkness,
Who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter,[3]

Says The Lord.

O churches of men, how long shall I suffer you?! How long will you devour corrupt fruit and consume bitter doctrine, and then in turn serve it to My children?! For from the grapes which bring forth wrath do you produce wine, and from the fruit of wild grapevines do you drink, leaving your mouths dry and your palates bitter. Cast it out! For as it is written: You can not drink from the cup of The Lord and from the cup of demons![4] You can not partake of The Lord’s table and of the table of demons! Says The Lord.

Yet I hear you saying, “We do not sup with demons, nor do we drink from their cup. And we have never served rotten food!”

Therefore, thus says The Lord: My anger is kindled against you, O churches of men! My discipline is prepared and made ready and shall be most severe, on account of all this blasphemy I have heard from your lips, and because of all these heresies of which you have readily accepted from all these haughty scholars, teachers, pastors, preachers, ministers and priests, who have set themselves up as an authority, who as the Pharisees of old have lifted up their heel against Me!
CHURCH LEADERS, LET MY PEOPLE GO! No more feed them, for I alone shall feed them! Let them go, so I may purge them and make them clean! LET THEM GO! Let My children come out and worship Me in a place set apart. For they are My treasure and I shall surely steal them away, even all in whom I see of Myself, those who have received of Me in sincerity and in truth, humble and penitent, with a new heart and a contrite spirit.
Indeed, from the beginning I have set up prophets and exalted My servants in accordance with My will, yet who among these did I not first abase? Can any man be humbled without first being brought low? And who among you, who wears a crown, shall not have it struck from his head? Shall not his pompous robes and fine apparel also be stripped from him, even in the sight of many witnesses? For there is but One who wears the crown, only One who shares it with the worthy.
Yet among the churches I hear only a hissing at this Word, though it has proceeded from My own mouth! Therefore, know this and also understand, O foolish and slothful people: Though you forbear, I will continue to speak; and though you push out the hand and wag the head, I shall cause this Word to cleave to you; and behold, the more you struggle and fight against it, the more burdensome shall it become, pressing hard upon your chest, entering in, even to the piercing of your heart.

For you, O rebellious children, have indeed grown very fat,
Having engorged yourselves as the sluggard, even as
The rich man who sits at his own table to be a glutton;
For he partakes only of that which is pleasing
In his own eyes and seasoned by his hire...

So also do you, O churches of men...

For you seek after every seductive and deceiving
Spirit to satisfy your itching ears, embracing only
That which you perceive frees you from all accountability,
That you may continue to walk in the deceits of your flesh,
As you seek to fulfill every hidden lust of your corrupted hearts...

Thus you do always push out the hand against the Truth,
Hating that which brings conviction, resisting the purging of your souls.

Churches of men, what god is this you serve?! What savior is this you testify of?! Behold, he has become unrecognizable to Me, an idol which you have made, a corrupt image which you have established upon the doctrines and traditions of men, which run contrary to Me and My Word! Yes, it is MY Word which you have polluted, mistranslated and misinterpreted, according to the vain deceits of men in authority, whose hearts are perverse, overflowing with pride, puffed up and full of vanity! Says The Lord.
Churches of men, you have endeavored to recreate Me in your own image! Cry out to The Potter, therefore, for you are but clay! And no more speak as though you are in any way able to mold Him! For I tell you the truth, you have all become as a disgusting lump in His body! And that which you speak has become like a sore and a sickness which exudes a foul stench, a detestable odor which ceases not from coming up before My face!
For you have altogether become as the pagan and the heathen among whom you dwell, a rotten stalk of wheat in a valley of tares, where the latter rain has ceased and the sun narrowly breaks through the clouds. For you are a people who gather together in The Messiah’s name (whom you call Christ), yet your visage has become altogether as that of the world, a people who take the name of The Lord in vain continually by your corrupt doctrines and filthy traditions, even by all your holidays, which I hate!
Therefore your prayers are not heard[5], your worship is not accepted; My face is turned from you, and My hand is removed. For you continue to practice those things which I said you shall not do and forsake that which I commanded be done, dishonoring that which was to be held in high esteem and forgetting that which I called you to remember. Thus you have turned to Me the back and not the front, and at My Word you hiss and wag the head, arousing Me to anger.
Churches of men, why do you embrace wrath?! Indeed, it is as though you have fallen in love with judgment! For you do always practice that which I said you shall not do, marrying yourselves to those doctrines and traditions which are against Me, even to all these pagan-laced holidays and festivals, which I hate!
Furthermore, you pollute My name and the glory of The Holy One by this one doctrine which I despise in My zeal, the false and most perverse doctrine called hell and eternal torment,[6] as spoken of and taught in the churches of men! Yet you embrace it, yea, you grab hold of it and make it your own, upholding satan’s cause!
Woe, My people! Woe, I say to you! For those who love wrath shall surely receive of it, and those who seek torment for another shall partake of it in the Day of The Lord! Behold, even now it is yours! For My hand is removed from all who uphold this doctrine or speak against this Word. Lo, as an unarmed man overtaken suddenly by a band of thieves, left bruised and broken, so shall it be in the Day of The Lord, for all who reject this Word and heed not the sound of this Trumpet. Therefore, as it is written: Watch and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things.[7] For the time has come, behold, the Day is here, it waits at the doors, and soon the whole world shall fall under the shadow of My judgment.

Therefore, come out from among them and prepare to meet your God!...

Bow down and be purged and no more stand defiant;
Seek no longer to uphold your own way, but come to Me naked;
Kneel before your Redeemer and bear your hearts before Me!...

Beloved ones, receive of The Pure Water and drink deeply,
Yea, immerse yourselves and be cleansed, set free!

For The Lord your God has a Holy One; He is The Head of the body, The True Sanctuary, The Only Life Without End! Say no more there is another way into eternal life, nor say those who reject His life live also, though it be in torment. For there is but ONE WAY, ONE TRUTH and ONE LIFE... Behold, He is a strong tower, a fortified city in the day of battle, an all-encompassing fire; The Mighty and Strong One whose rod is made of iron, The Law-Giver; The Source of Life by which all things consist,[8] your Carpenter and Redeemer, The Salvation of God! My people, wait upon The Lord with meekness and fear, with unwavering trust, wait for Him! For He is The Fountain of Living Waters for all who thirst, a fruitful vine for the hungry, a wealth of riches for all those who come to Me empty.

Therefore, beloved, give Him glory!
Lift up your voices with everlasting praise!
Bring thanksgiving to the altar,
And offer up your hearts before Him!...

Shout His name to the heavens,
For He is The Lord your Righteousness!...



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