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Delight in the Ways of The Lord

Delight in the Ways of The Lord

5/30/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: I have bestowed many gifts upon this generation, and lo, the small of My flock have received knowledge and revelation beyond compare. Yet I ask you, who has truly received? Who has been humbled by My words and given thanks? Who among all these scattered flocks has taken joy in My gifts? Beloved, who among this great multitude seeks out My will, to know it? And who, among all these so-called believers, takes pleasure in My Law, saying, “I delight to do Your will, O God, for Your Law is written in my heart”?[1]

Yet My people remain foolish, and this little flock envious. For I tell you the truth: Unrighteous jealousy is the companion of fools. For those who envy also grab hold of jealousy, walking hand in hand with covetousness. Beloved, there is but One who sees, One who knows, only One who searches the hearts and minds - I AM HE. How is it then that My people sit in judgment, judging My Word and My will, resisting My ways as they look upon others with contempt? Shall you also seek to ascend above The Most High?! Shall you sit upon My throne?! For I tell you the truth, each time you sit in judgment and question My ways, you walk in satan’s aspirations; you follow in his footsteps![2]
And when I bless another, why do you not take joy in it? And when I correct you, why do you resist and question My ways? Am I not The Lord? Do I not give to each according to their faith, according to that which I see in their heart? Why do you in your arrogance set a line for Me to follow, or think within yourselves there must be a better way? And how is it you continually compare yourselves amongst yourselves, knowing this is unwise?[3] Beloved, I have prepared a place for you! Therefore offer up thanksgiving, and cease from your complaints. Forgive and bless, let go and obey, love one another and wash each other’s feet. Take joy in all I do, especially in that which I bestow upon another. And when I feed you, eat from your own plate and give thanks.
Little flock, it is the last hour, yet many of you have stepped backward. Let it be known to you: One who treads the path, going up and down, stepping on and off at their convenience, treads not the path, but is like one who treads water. By no means shall they be able to keep their head above water, nor shall their strength deliver them in the Day of Troubles.

Therefore heed My words, and also do them;
Be wise in your dealings with Me,
Humble yourselves and remember...

Blessed are those who run to Me,
For they shall be blessed in My presence;
Even more blessed are those who run to Me,
Then obey My Word, for their blessing
Is complete and they are at peace...

Deliverance they shall surely know...

Says The Lord.

  1. Psalm 40:8 (ESV)
  2. Isaiah 14:12-15
  3. 2 Corinthians 10:12

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