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Enemies of The Lord, Come Forth

Enemies of The Lord, Come Forth!

9/23/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord God: ENEMIES OF THE LORD, COME FORTH! Be drawn out, all you detestable birds! Come forth and be drawn out! Come and fight, make a stand, O enemies of The King! Let the ruthless step forward and the evil of heart stand up in their place, and give the order! Come forth, all you mighty men; be gathered together against The Lord and His anointed!

Come out to conquer and seek your
Prize, all you men of false valor!...

Come out in the name of your god,
All you wicked men of allah!...

Come out in the name of your false
Prophet, that I may tread you down,
That I may reach down and make of you
A great slaughter, that My sword may
Pierce the heart of your god and cut
Off the head of your prophet!...


Behold, My name shall resound in all the earth when I come out mightily in battle, when I stretch out My hand for slaughter, to take vengeance upon all My enemies! I am come to break apart, to shatter in pieces!
Behold, I am come down to kill, to murder the gods of the earth! I shall lop off the head of every idol and strike through the heart of every god, of which YOU have created! Every graven image shall bow down heavily! Every religion of man shall burn!

Thus says The Lord God of Israel: I DECLARE WAR, WAR UPON ALL MY ENEMIES! - Upon every inhabitant, upon all friends of this world! Upon everyone who persecutes My bride or throws stones at My messengers, whether in word or by deed! Upon all who speak in My name, saying, “Thus says The Lord”, when I have NOT spoken it! And upon ALL who murder the innocent and the blameless; a double portion have I reserved for them! Says The Lord.
Behold, the mouth of The Lord has spoken, and shall not repent: I AM COME OUT TO DESTROY! - To pillage the sanctuaries! To break apart and tear down the walls! To make a mockery of every sacred and solemn assembly! To cast out your members and to scatter the devout of every religion, stripping them of all their detestable garments!
I shall uncover them, they shall be shamefully exposed, left to flee into the mountains naked! And behold, they shall surely call to the mountains and to the rocks, saying, “Fall on us, and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of The Lamb!” FOR I AM THE LORD! HOT IS MY ANGER!

Yet the prophets of The Lord shall stand fast; they can not be shaken. The witnesses of The Lord shall shout and not be moved. Behold, I am sending them with staff in hand, and none shall prevent them by any means.

My Word shall speak, and judgment
Shall be declared against the cities of men...

Behold, it shall come down from above,
And it shall rise up from beneath;
From places unseen shall judgment
Come forth to consume and to destroy!...

Strike the staff! Says The Most High - STRIKE!...

Strike the ground and the water!
Let this multitude be divided!
Let the waters be turned to blood!
Let the fear of The Lord be greatly increased!

For the enemies of The Lord pursue My people as prey, and the camp of the righteous is surrounded on every side! Yet the enemies of The Lord shall be swallowed up, and the great army shall be consumed! For My Word shall speak, and the power of The Lord shall be called down from Heaven in that day!

Behold, I have called out My servants, I have searched their hearts; lo, they are ready to be set in their places. My house is set in order, every place is prepared, I am ready to receive My guests. My army is assembled, each man is being moved into position, each man to his appointment. And lo, the sickles are placed in the hands of the reapers, the first harvest is ready... Behold, The Ladder reaches from the earth to Heaven!
Ears open, the Trumpet is raised, and The Son of Man is eager to open His mouth. Make ready and prepare, for I have declared neither the day nor the hour. Yet the season is made plain, and the days of revelation are upon you.
Wait and watch, therefore, for The Son of Man is sent down; My Word does not lie. And though many twist and turn My words to their own advantage, aligning them with their own expectation, to their own hurt, My words do not lie. My every Letter shall come to pass, according to My will... And oh what a cry shall be heard, oh what an uproar shall ensue, and much gnashing of teeth! Yet The Holy One is sent down, and behold, the bride says, “God is with us!”

My Word lies not!...

The Shepherd is sent down and gathers together His sheep;
He beckons to every lamb, drawing them close...

And in a day you do not expect, and at an hour
You can not predict, He shall pass through the gate
And His sheep with Him, and every lamb...


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