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6/8/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: The love of man has grown cold, and the heart of man has become increasingly wicked. Their hands work evil everyday, and with their feet they run swiftly to commit violence against their neighbor; lo, they make plans and devise evil schemes against their neighbors! They murder the innocent without cause and rob the poor! Behold, they murder and dismember the helpless, and the heartless applaud them! And every night, they love to lie down in their abominations.
Therefore, My face is set to consume them from off the land, to destroy them in all the earth! Wrath shall increase, and recompense shall overflow by measure! It shall come down like flooding rain, and the tears shall flow like streams of water in the waste places! The face of wrath is shown up, the heat of vengeance has come forth to kill the inhabitants of the earth!

The Lord of Hosts has come out of His temple;
He has stepped down from His dwelling place
To look upon the evil works of men, and to repay
All this wickedness done by their hands...

The Lord God of Hosts is come down,
To make the west as Sodom
And the east as Gomorrah.[1]

The hand of The Lord is raised in battle, the arm of The Lord is stretched out to destroy! The army of The Lord rushes forward to slay His enemies and to deliver every captive! Behold, there shall be a great war declared against The Holy One of Israel, yet He shall strike through, laying their armies waste, slaying every last one of them with the sword of His mouth, consuming them in the brightness of His coming! Even all who raise their fists against Him shall surely perish in that day! For I am God, and I am to be greatly feared! My reverence shall last throughout all generations, even forever! For I am YAH! YAHUWAH is My name!

Hear now, the indignation of The Lord God of Israel; hear Me, you disgusting multitude: I SHALL CONSUME YOU! As the locust consumes the vine, as the swarm eats up the field and every green thing, so shall I consume the wicked from off the land! I shall consume you utterly, destroying you in all the earth! For the places of the wicked shall never be found!

Peoples of the earth,
I had given you dominion over
My good earth and over every animal...

Now I give the earth and every
Animal dominion over you,
To destroy, to kill and to consume!...

There shall be no hiding place;
There shall be no place of refuge!

If you hide in the depths of the earth, the hand of The Lord shall plunge down to meet you! If you climb high into the mountains, the face of The Almighty in His anger will be there waiting! If you dive into the depths of the sea, I shall call leviathan to open his mouth and swallow you! If you run out into the desert, lo, it shall open up and bury you at My command! And if you fly higher than the eagle, the breath of My nostrils shall bring you down to the earth in a heap!

Yet the complaint of the people increases
Against The Lord, and in their unbelief
They question, saying, “How can this be?!”...

Behold, The God of Heaven shall give answer!...


  1. 2 Peter 2:6, Jude 1:7

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