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My Redeemer Lives

My Redeemer Lives!

4/11/06 A Prayer of Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

My God, my God, You are holy! Oh my Redeemer, my beloved Savior, YahuShua, by Your blood am I washed from sin’s raiment, which had clothed me in death. By Your sacrifice You freed me, Your great love has broken my bonds. Behold, a new light has appeared where once there was only darkness, the flame which flickered burns bright once again, for in my heart You have kindled a fire!
And Your words, Lord, Your beautiful words, they are truly a lamp for my feet. And by following Your teaching, I have begun to unleaven my life; though by Your sacrifice, You have already freed me from the power of sin. O Lord, YOU are my righteousness! I will obey Your Word! And though I stumble, I will not cease from striving to obey; I want to do what is pleasing in Your sight; help me walk in Your ways.
I feel Your hand upon me, O Lord. I offer myself to You, my Lord and my God. Take my life; it’s Yours! You offered Yourself up to suffering and death, on account of what I have done. I deserve my punishment, yet You bore my sins on the tree, even the sins of those I love. I can not approach Your love, but by any and all means, I shall strive to show You my love and my gratitude. I leave my heart open to You; mold it, create in me a pure heart, for I long to see Your face. Renew in me a right spirit, that I may be steadfast for Your purpose and walk in Your ways.
You are the love of my life, of which I had forgotten. How wealthy I was in my innocence, how blessed I was in my youth. How could I have departed?! How could I have turned away?! I weep, I cry, because of that place which was left barren inside me, a place the world could never fill, leaving me broken and void - my heart hardened, my countenance bitter. Yet You filled me with wonder and awe, a love I never thought possible - My heart softened, my countenance lifted, my spirit brightened, as Your life rushed in.
And Your voice, the beautiful sound of Your voice... Lord, You stir my soul, You light my soul on fire, a love which this world has not known. Why, O Lord, do You bless me so?! I have sinned greatly in my life; I have broken Your Commandments, and desecrated Your name and this temple You gave me, yet You never forsook me. What have I done to deserve such mercy, such unfathomable joy, such overwhelming love in Your presence? You are my Lord and my God, my life!
The sound of Your name, even mentioned in a whisper, brings tears to my eyes. The pronouncement of Your judgment terrifies my soul, yet I welcome it and feel safe. You are so utterly beautiful! I love You. I love You! I can not stand, I fall to my knees, I am so completely unworthy of Your grace, yet by Your grace You saved me - a broken vessel of great dishonor, yet You gathered me up, reviving me, breathing life into me once again, restoring my soul.
My God, oh my God, You are The Holy! None compare! No one! Nothing! Lord, I shall wait for You, I will stand firm for You, unyielding in my commitment! I am only a man, yet I know You are with me.

Lord, I put You to death, You bore my sin in Your own body;
You were broken and bruised for my transgressions,
And by Your stripes am I healed...

Before I was born, You knew me and died for me,
Though I did not ask You.

Oh my Lord, how many tears must I cry?! How many times can I say, “I love You”?! I shall never cease! With my dying breath, I will proclaim my love for You! And if it is Your will that I not die, I shall sing of my Beloved forever, even forever and ever; I shall trumpet it to every tribe, tongue, people and nation! Give the command and show me the way; fill my heart with Your spirit, O Lord, take control of my mouth! Speak, oh my Lord! Shout, oh my God! Make me a vessel of honor, that I may bring glory to Your name!
Lord, lift me up from my wickedness, for I am wretched. Deliver me from this body of death, for my flesh deceives me, I have gone astray. Set Your Truth within me, O Lord; purge my soul! In the name of YahuShua I beseech You; break me by the power of Your words, destroy me with Your love, let me die in Your presence! Lord, cultivate Your Word in me, let the dew of Heaven cover my shame and wash away all I have done.
O Lord, set me upright. For I can not raise my head, lest I look upon Your glory. I can not stand, my strength is gone from me. Yet in my weakness, I know Your strength is made perfect; yes, Lord, Your grace is sufficient for me. Light my path, O Lord, for I walk in darkness. I feel the adversary on every side, he bruises me... Help me, O God! In the name of Him crucified, in the name of Him who was hung on the tree, The Greatest of All Loves, be my help and my shield!
I am but a lost child, Lord. I am consumed with fear and sadness, when I do not hear Your voice. I am swallowed up in sorrow, when I am not in Your presence. For I have heard the voice of The Holy One, I have felt Your hand upon me. I am just a man, so very unclean, yet You embrace me.
Woe is me, Lord! Woe is me! Surely my eyes shall go blind, for I have looked upon Your glory, I have beheld Your image! The earth has become pale, an empty wasteland, for I have seen The King! Shut my eyes, Lord, let me never open them again, let me never forget! Stop my ears also, for I have heard Your voice!
Yet even now, I hear You comforting me, saying, “What The Lord has cleansed is worthy. Call it not unworthy. Rejoice, O son of men, you have been redeemed from the earth as part of the special offering. Again I say, rejoice, and sound the trumpet, for The Redemption draws near.”

O Lord, how shall I thank You for all You have done?
I haven’t the words to express my gratitude
For what You did for me on the cross;
I am forever indebted to You...

You are my Passover,
You rescued me from death,
You restored my soul...

Oh my God, my God,
In the name of YahuShua my Savior,
I say, amen, forever amen...



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