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Remember The Sabbath Day, to Keep It Holy

Remember The Sabbath Day, to Keep It Holy

2/15/07 Wisdom Given to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

If one who loves The Lord dedicates a certain day to The Lord, yet is ignorant regarding the Fourth Commandment, or has been led astray by false teaching in the churches of men, then to The Lord the day is indeed dedicated. For this is acceptable and well-pleasing to The Lord, because of the intent of their heart; to them it will be accounted as righteousness.
Yet if another who is not ignorant of the truth, and was not led astray by the churches of men, comes forward and says, “I also dedicate this certain day to The Lord,” and it is the correct day, the seventh (Saturday), according to the Fourth Commandment, but does so as a mere outward display to gain honor for themselves, elevating themselves above others, judging those they perceive as less worthy because of their error, to them it shall be accounted as shame. For though they kept the Sabbath outwardly, they did not keep it inwardly, nor to The Lord was it truly dedicated, having not kept the Sabbath at all.
Yet the one who remains humble and sincere, though they are in error, will in time see the Truth, and keep the Seventh Day holy as it is written.[1] For they had already kept it in their heart. For it is far easier to move someone whose heart is in the right place to the correct day, than to move someone with a wrong heart to a place that is right, if they feel they already abide there.

Yet remember this: All who have been awakened to the Truth must now walk in it...

For thus says The Lord: Beloved, walk uprightly in Me, in My very footsteps. Abide in My doctrine, according to the faith and knowledge you have received in Me. Progress toward perfection, with all trust. Keep The Commandments, as you testify to the Truth by your example. Yet no more walk in the ways of this world, nor in the doctrines and traditions of the churches, for they are corrupt; obey not the commandments of men.

Beloved, seek and you shall surely find,
For all you need is written for your
Edification in the Scriptures of Truth...

And behold, even by these many Letters,
Which are of the same, have I set
All these crooked paths straight...

Says The Lord.

  1. Exodus 20:8-11

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