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The Harvest Is Separated, All Bundles Set in Their Places

The Harvest Is Separated, All Bundles Set in Their Places

8/1/11 From YahuShua HaMashiach, Our Lord and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: By My prophets have I made My plans known. Yet that which I am about to do is done already, and shall be. And that which I have spoken from the beginning, even to this day, is true. For the will of God can not be broken, even as The Scriptures. And if My every word is Scripture, then how shall even one word fail?
Yet My people fall away, and My little flock grows smaller still. For they seek to loosen these bonds in an attempt to flee this bundle. For the Way of The Lord is not known among them, and My words have ceased from being a blessing. And so they flee back into the world in an attempt to escape, as in all times past, for they have no root.
Yet I tell you the truth, none shall escape their bundle. For all bundles lie in the field already, each one tied securely and set in its place. Therefore as one attempts to flee this bundle, the truth of the matter is made plain. For they have not departed at all, but remain in the bundle in which I had placed them at the first. I AM THE LORD.

Beloved ones, I search the hearts and minds, even the innermost thoughts I know; even from the foundation of the world did I know each one of you, setting you in your place from the beginning. Yet some will say, “What of free will and our right to choose?” To these I say: You have chosen, and the will of your heart has spoken, and thus were you bundled and prepared. For I know My own.

Thus the Bride is chosen;
My blood runs through her veins,
My image is shown upon her face...

Behold, the light of My coming is reflected
In her eyes, for I have captured her gaze,
And she will by no means look away
Or seek after another...

Therefore some are plucked from
The world already, and shall also be taken;
They shall surely be gone from this place!...

Says The Lord.

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