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The Holy One of Israel Is Coming Down

The Holy One of Israel Is Coming Down

4/28/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Hear the Word of The Lord, all you arrogant churches of men; hear the Word of My mouth, O awful generation, for thus declares The Lord: This is My Word, and behold, I have surely set before you My prophets. They hear My voice, and My spirit increases rapidly within them; My voice grows ever louder. Behold, My presence shall be with them as a mighty terrible one[1] in the day I send them, My spirit fully established in them like a fire which can not be quenched... Woe, therefore, to ALL who come against them, says The Lord, for I am coming down!
Peoples of the earth, I am coming down to you, with My left arm outstretched to judge and to punish, and with My right arm bent to save and deliver! It is time! The day is far spent, the hour is coming to a close! Behold, the whole earth shall be shaken by My presence! Every man shall tremble in his place, with his heart thundering in his chest, because of the fury of The Lord which has come forth to punish the nations, because of the judgments of The Most High raining down from Heaven!
Look now and see, open your ears and hear, for though you are yet dull of hearing, the vision shall surely speak. And though your eyes remain covered with purple and scarlet, it shall be made clear. And though it seems to tarry, due to the darkness of your understanding, it will not tarry, it shall surely come... Behold, I am coming quickly! Yes, behold the Day, O foolish generation, and look! The Day of The Lord is here! Behold, it is at the door and is about to come in! Therefore repent, and call upon The Name!

Peoples of the earth, cry out, and call upon the name of Mercy!
Call upon the only name under Heaven by which you must be saved;
My children, call out His name if you know it!...

Call upon the name of pure righteousness, of majesty and saving grace;
Yes, cry out to Him, saying, “Grace! Grace!”...

My people, speak His name aloud in repentance,
Offer up your tears, confess your sin!
Do it quickly, before the door is shut!...

Says The Lord.

  1. Jeremiah 20:11 (KJV)

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