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Thus Says The Lord to the United States, and to All the Churches of Men Which Dwell Within Its Borders

Thus Says The Lord to the United States, and to All the Churches of Men Which Dwell Within Its Borders

11/28/07 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: O nation, once called of itself “Under God,” you have raised yourselves above Me, saying within yourselves, “We are not under God, nor do we serve any god. Right is wrong, and wrong is right and the right of the individual who has become a god unto himself.”
Therefore, because you have spoken in such a manner, you shall surely come to know God; you shall come to know Me in My anger! And I shall show you what is right, and I, even I shall cause you to discern, and you shall choose! For the sword has come, and under God shall you be placed once again! Yet not as at the first when you blessed My name, no, not as at the first, but in subjection, in retribution, in the shadow of My judgment! - Under God, My footstool! Then you will know, I AM THE LORD!

O mighty and perverse nation, cease from
Your adulteries and return to Me!...

For I had blessed you, I had bestowed upon
You great abundance, yet you have perverted
Your way, desecrating all I have given you,
Hardening your hearts, forsaking the poor,
Turning your faces away from the afflicted!...

You have become a harlot, an adulterous woman
Who perverts her way among many lovers!...

Return to Me! Says The Lord.

Sons of men, look at what you have done! Look upon all you have wrought in My name! Behold, even My own people have turned from Me and pervert their way among many witnesses, misusing My Word to their own glory, uplifting and exalting themselves as they segregate the Scriptures to uphold their own corrupt doctrines and filthy traditions; a great perversion of speech among these who call of themselves Christian, who do not cease from polluting My name day and night!

Churches of men, built up and named among yourselves, by yourselves, to your own glory, hear the Word of The Lord: You are cast off as an abominable seed, sprouting and growing where I, Myself, have not planted you! Indeed, you have become as the vine of the earth which spreads forth across the land, making it desolate, growing and spreading and putting down roots!
O abominable vine, you grow in the sand and shall be left desolate, undone, having received neither the early nor latter rain! Churches of men, your land and nation stinks, a foul stench has come up into My nostrils! Yet there you sit upon your thrones of pride, saying, “We alone are righteous. We alone serve God and shall be sheltered in the Day of The Lord.”
WOE TO YOU, O CHURCHES OF MEN! Hypocrites! Arrogant assemblies! As you have divided yourselves, so shall I divide you in judgment! As sheep from the goats, so shall you be divided! I shall sift you and stir you up, and you shall be severely shaken, until your walls crumble and all you have built comes crashing down! Behold, no partition shall be left standing; all this enmity shall be stripped away! No more shall you come before Me arrayed in purple and scarlet robes, touting your expensive garments and shining ornaments, jingling as you go; your visage is detestable to Me! Your shepherds teach lies, your diviners of peace and prosperity, divinations from their own imaginations brought forth from their corrupted hearts! Yet oh how you love to have it so! Shall I not correct and discipline you for these things?! Shall I not set all these crooked paths straight?!
Churches of men, why do you sit still, growing fat, consuming all these doctrines made by human hands?! Stand up or bow down! Shout to your nation or bow down! Fall on your faces! Says The Lord. Rent your clothes, howl and wail! Put on sackcloth, cover your heads with dust and ashes, and take up a lamentation! Sound the Trumpet to your kindred and countrymen! Stop hiding in your houses you call by My name; I do not dwell there! Come out, come out from among them, AND REPENT!
Churches of men, you were to be an example, preparing My way before Me, a beacon on a hill, watchmen blowing the trumpet. Yet what do I see?! THE WORKS OF THE FLESH![1] For as it is written: You are neither cold nor hot. Oh how I wish you were one or the other! Therefore, because you have become as lukewarm water, even now becoming stagnant and rank, I shall vomit you out![2]

Yet from among you I have already taken many, even a multitude who stand without, and these I have anointed and set in their places. They have received of Me and grow vigorously from The Vine, having been pruned and watered by My own hand. These shall burn bright, for they burn from within, having My own fire within them; behold, I shall stoke them and they shall burn brighter still, and they shall go for Me. They shall blow the Trumpet and sound the alarm, and serve you My fierce rebuke; behold, they shall serve it to you hot, and you shall be burned.

For I tell you the truth,
If I do not correct and discipline you,
You shall never enter My rest...

Says The Lord.

  1. Galatians 5:19-21
  2. Revelation 3:15-16

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