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I Have Taken to Myself a Prophet

I Have Taken to Myself a Prophet

6/2/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

I am The Lord your God, and I have spoken by My servant, and behold, in him shall I increase. I shall be with him as I was with My servant, Moses. I shall speak with him face to face, and he shall go out and come in. I shall be with him like the pillar of the cloud by day, and as the pillar of fire by night. Behold, The Authority from on high shall dwell with men, and The Lord your God shall heed the voice of a man in that day.
Yet the people say, “What man is this who exalts himself by his own words, and speaks with the authority of God?” And thus they shall surely deny Me and persecute him. Hate shall well up within their hearts, and they shall seek to destroy him. Yet The Word of God shall speak, and the signs of The Almighty shall testify on his behalf. Behold, the cloud of The Almighty shall hide him, and fire shall fall from Heaven and consume his enemies round about, as in the days of old, says The Lord.
And though you yet resist My words, My Word shall speak and My judgments shall shout. For I have taken to Myself a prophet, and he shall go for Me. He shall prepare My way before Me, even as I have prepared his way before him. He is not holy, nor righteous; he is but a man, a man after My own heart. And though he stumbles as all men and fear grabs hold of him, for he is but flesh, I tell you the truth, I have surely purchased him from among men as part of the special offering.[1] I AM THE LORD.

Therefore, again I say to you, Timothy is My prophet, and through him have I made My plans known. For I do not change. Thus he shall go for Me, and a number like him, and they shall declare My judgments and warn the people. For the Day of The Lord is here, and the Great and Dreadful Day is about to begin, declares The Lord.

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