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Volume Two

Volume Two

Table of Contents

  1. The Wide Path
  2. The Seventh Day
  3. A Day in The Lord
  4. I Am The Passover and The Lamb, The New Covenant with Men
  5. The Holy Spirit
  6. Bear Much Fruit, the Harvest Is Near
  7. Do This in Remembrance of Me
  8. Ensign
  9. It Is Time... Prepare to Meet Your God
  10. Woe to the Church Called Roman and Catholic
  11. Hearts Changed
  12. The Lord Comes Nigh; Make the Way Straight for His Return
  13. The Mark
  14. All Shall Reap That Which They Have Sown, Be It of Good or Evil
  15. The True Baptism
  16. All Have Been Purchased... Yet Few Have Accepted, Few Are Chosen
  17. Abortion: Murder of the Innocent
  18. The Judgment of God Is True and Without Question, Yet the Error of the People Is Great
  19. Twice Murdered
  20. One Truth, One Church, One Body... No Walls
  21. As God Is Three Aspects, All as One, So Too Is the Coming of The Son of Man
  22. I Will Take My People OUT OF
  23. Do Not Be Tempted by the World, For Its Ways Lead Only to Blasphemy and Sin
  24. Judgment, Transgression, and The Word
  25. Heed the Call
  26. Transgression
  27. Living Sacrifices
  28. Proclaim NOT the Hell of the Churches of Men
  29. To the Church Who Dwells in the Midst Of and Sits Upon Seven Hills

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